3 Technology Trends Mining Companies Must Watch Out For

For mining companies to remain competitive, they require innovative designs and technologies that enhance the capability, efficiency, and reliability of mining systems that are responsible for sensing, analyzing, extraction, and refinement.

FREMONT, CA: The metals and mining industry is recovering from one of its most hard periods in years. While companies believe that demand for minerals will grow in the coming years, there are several trends which will determine several types of mining companies that will triumph in the future. From increased sustainability to improved underground safety, mining technology takes a look at three emerging trends for the future of mining.


IoT helps the mining sites to gather a massive amount of information about the tools and operations in real-time.  IoT helps to make processes more efficient, productive, profitable, and sustainable. Eventually, the IoT sensors bring significant advantages to the mining industry. According to recent statistics, more operators are discovering the potential. While an increasing number of firms understand the benefits of IoT, uptake of this digital development has been slow. But as technology develops further, IoT is becoming increasingly available and more affordable to perform on a large scale.


Sustainable practices often relate to the core of a mine operation's license to practice, with an expanding number of sites realizing that they must be both eco-friendly and socially-responsible to persist. Driving forward, the need for sustainability in the mining industry is set to enhance. As resources decline and global focus on the environment strengthens, most of the mine operators are finding they must improve their game methods to remain a challenge in the industry.

Underground Technology

As mining equipment becomes safer, the industry will witness an increase in advanced technology underground. The technology and methods for underground mining continue to evolve. With every passing year, it's possible to achieve safer and more productive operations. Some techniques have been around a long time in one form or another but have not been widely adopted.

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