How Electric Vehicles Have Helped Improve Underground Air Conditions

Electric vehicles have improved the quality of underground air and made the place better for employees by reducing the risk of them getting sick due to toxic gases.

FREMONT, CA: The mining operators extensively use electric vehicles as it is in an efficient method to decrease the facility’s carbon footprint and also increase the safety of the site. The key reasons for using it are due to its zero local emissions. Zero emissions can make a massive difference in the underground air quality since the electric vehicles do not emit harmful gases and particles that can come out from the diesel engines like nitrogen oxide.

Long-term introduction to the nitrogen oxide can create breathing difficulties that can result in conditions like asthma and lung inflammation. Any short-term exposure to the gas causes eye irritation and headaches that can decrease the efficiency of the employees.

Underground environments can strengthen the effects, as the airflow becomes restricted, and oxygen levels can vary. Breathing equipment can also be a solution, but if there are no harmful emissions, then the necessity for its widespread use will be reduced.

Electric vehicles provide a trusted solution that will improve the quality of air underground. Moreover, a healthy workforce is more productive than an unhealthy one.

Robust Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are better than the diesel engines because they can travel faster because of the increased torque and handling. The electric vehicles also release less heat, reducing the risk of the motors getting overheated and causing hot surfaces on equipment.

Furthermore, the vehicles also produce a low level of noise, which improves the safety of the workers as they can communicate with each other with less distraction.

SmartDrive Technology

There are smart vehicles with the latest technology for lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are divided into separate modules, and it means if one of the units has stopped working, operations can still be continued without any interruptions. There are also fewer chances of the vehicles breaking down.

With electric vehicles, mining has successfully improved the safety of underground explosives. The operations underground have become more robust and efficient.

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