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Metals & Mining Review print and online magazine along with an active website provides a platform for Metals & Mining industry insiders to share their experiences, challenges, and insights for management and operations functions. We aim to be a neutral source for management , engineering, procurement and technology issues for this bedrock industry.

We aim to provide our subscribers and visitors from Metals & Mining industry news, views and insights to leverage engineering and technology solutions along the entire value chain from the feasibility study for new mines, mining automation, mining Operations safety solutions to equipment, processes, and operating practices in Iron & steel, nonferrous and precious metals industry.

We identify the most innovative as well as the most promising companies in the industry and showcase their technology, services or solutions in the special editions that we publish. Most of our subscribers and visitors are senior and mid level operational managers, metallurgists, mining engineers, geologists, operating and maintenance personnel and other professionals involved in metal processing, mining and corporate buyers and users of metals from other industries.

Metals & Mining Review magazine is also distributed at various industry events throughout the year.

We are always grateful to hear real-life experiences, challenges, and advice of innovative practitioners and leaders in the metals and mining industry in using new management techniques, engineering and technology in their organizations and bring that to our readership.

Metals and Mining Review magazine is published from Fort Lauderdale, FL, with editorial support from our editors located all over the U.S. and in Europe and APAC countries.

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