Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, February 20,2020

Feature of the Week

Drones are not only safe flights but are also more cost-effective than any of the traditional methods. Besides, it also helps in capturing data at a superior level of precision.  Read more
Laser welding is getting more robust and energy-efficient with each passing day. Its future is undoubtedly bright.  Read more
Additive manufacturing is becoming quite popular in the metal industry. How is it disrupting the oldest manufacturing methods?  Read more


By Matt Schlabig, CIO, Worthington Industries  
I spend less time today on technology and more time with our senior leaders understanding the needs of their business and how our team can drive positive business outcomes.  Read more
By Greg Sarich, CIO, CLEAResult  
In today’s day and age, we’re all immersed in a world bursting with technology.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Gerry Mitchell, President,   
Engineering quality satellite surveys of hundreds of square kilometres accurate to better than 15cms  Read more
By Greg Bentley, CEO,   
Bentley offers mining solutions to design the supporting infrastructure for mine sites to optimize mine operations and maximize productivity  Read more
By David M. Spehar Jr., Vice President, Operations,   
An electronics manufacturing services provider, Pennatronics delivers high-speed surface-mount and through-hole assembled circuit boards and/or subassemblies in any volume. The company’s rapid-response methodologies ensure quick turnaround, and...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Jeffrey Jones, Corporate Director of IT, MetalTek International  
When most Metals and Mining Tech­nology companies are presented with the need for a new software solution  Read more
By Joe Gladu, Vice President, Symboticware Incorporated  
If you’re a player in technology in 2015, you have inevitably come across IoT, or Cisco’s Internet of Everything (IoE), two terms used to describe the interconnection of “things” to the rest of the connected world, people, devices, process and  Read more