Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, December 2,2021

Feature of the Week

More advancements are being developed and implemented by scrap metal recycling companies to make recycling more effective, widespread, and affordable  Read more
Metal stamping technologies are evolving and developing at a faster rate due to the advanced technologies  Read more
Sheet metal can take any shape when the correct amount of heat and pressure is applied using specialized machine  Read more


By Colin Boyd, CIO, Joy Global Inc  
The mining industry must be one of the most cyclical industries in the world, with supply and demand perpetually out of balance.  Read more
By Derek Harper, CIO, Faurecia [EPA:EO]  
Digital transformation is taking every industry vertical by storm. The manufacturing space too, has embarked on this journey of change with increasing investments, research, and development of solutions.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Lee LasherRobert Koppel,   
Amlon Resources has become a global environmental services company focused on recycling, processing, treatment and management of metal-bearing industrial waste streams and spent catalyst  Read more
By Kenneth N Niebuhr and Nicole Niebuhr, Co-founder & Secretary,   
As a leader in the metal recycling industry, American Scrap Metal Services provides clients with on-site weigh and pay services  Read more
By Adam Hopkins, CEO ,   
Uniformity Labs is additive manufacturing (AM) parts, printing, and metal feedstock provider that enhances the 3D printing value proposition  Read more

CXO Insights

By James Hulse, Director CEIP & MES, CenterPoint Energy [NYSE:CNP]  
Today, natural gas continues to be in high demand due to its consistent low cost, clean-burning, and abundant supply  Read more
By Luciano De Oto, Body Engineering Director, McLaren Automotive Ltd  
A great benefit of C-SMC is also the possibility to integrate components, simplify geometries and further reduce weight versus traditional carbon fibre technologies  Read more