Can IoT Bring a New Change in the Mining Industry?

Since mining has been subjected to be long enough to boom and bust cycles, IIoT is helping now to go beyond it by creating a safe and consistent operating system.

FREMONT, CA: The mining industry is transforming the traditional methods to be a significant player in the IIoT space. As per a few studies, mining productivity has declined by 28 percent over the past decade. It is facing an upward cycle now. IIoT has focused on providing numerous opportunities to expand profitability.

The use of IIoT in the mining industry is still at its early stage but has already been helpful in a vast number of scenarios to bring positive effects. The opportunity to alleviate risks on hazardous mining sites becomes appealing for many companies.

The IIoT platform for the processing equipment manufacturers integrate across multiple processes, collect data, and offers the operators with insights into equipment functionality. The technology can be utilized to predict issues for downtime prevention and predictive maintenance, as well as to optimize machinery for improved performance.

Besides that, autonomous drilling has been available in the industry for some time now. The mining companies have gradually started hoping that the use of IIoT can expand their extraction abilities. Autonomous machines, which are under a development stage, can detect materials and boundaries, along with having an automatic guidance system.

In the present time, IIoT technology has become more widely available and affordable on a large scale. It helps the mining operators with a deeper understanding of the resource base, reduce the uncertainty with multiple sets of exploration data, and assists to target further drilling.

IoT-driven machinery can lend a hand in optimizing the material, as well as, the equipment flow for enhanced efficiency and yield, and also anticipating the equipment breakdowns.

Redefining the standards of automation in plant equipment and vehicles can help in enhancing safety while reducing expenses and removing employees from dangerous situations. With the help of IIoT, drilling and blasting can be optimized, which will then lead to an improved mine and logistics scheduling. Leveraging the IIoT technology into a complete mine operation can develop the ROI by boosting the operations and reducing expenditures.

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