Why Should the Mining Industry Adopt Safer Charging and Blasting Solutions?

Leveraging TRMs in Mining Sector can be challenging as it takes up a lot of costs, preferably it is also known to minimize the workload and decrease the mortality rate.

FREMONT, CA: Before the discovery of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs), drilling and blasting was the only cost-efficient way of creating long tunnels through harder rock types. Now, it is often used in situations in which the use of TBMs wouldn't make financial sense as TBMs are costly technology or in which they are unsuitable for ground conditions.

The procedures of TBMs include drilling many holes into the rock and filling them with explosives. Mining engineers carefully determine the locations and size of these holes based on the geological surveys, and quantity of ammunition. When exploded, these mines cause the rock to fall. Explosions are precisely patterned and timed to have the desired effect.

The use of emulsion has made blasting safer than it was for the majority of the twentieth century. They are safe to transport and to handle underground until placed in the drill hole and charged. To benefit from the underground emulsion and optimize the benefits of using these materials, the charging process must be mechanized correctly. This means the process must meet the productivity and quality requirements of the mining industry as well as being safe and reliable. Even perfect drilling can be made useless if charging is poor-quality or done wrongly.

Traditionally, charging devices are diesel-driven or hooked up to a mine's electrical grid. With the Charmec MC 605 VE SD, Normet was the initial company to bring out a commercially available battery-powered charging device. While most of the Normet's Charmec range applies the traditional electrical grid-powered system, battery-powered charging represents an advancement in safety, ease-of-use, and energy and cost-efficiency.

Later, Normet combined the emulsion charging technology into its SmartDrive battery-electric vehicle (BEV) range. The BEV range describes another positive development in the modern-day mining industry, with diesel vehicles falling out of favor as carbon emissions have become an increasing concern, and businesses set zero-emissions targets.

All of the Charmec charging devices, whether diesel or battery-powered, come with extensive safety features. Their self-extinguishing marine type wire gears come with tinned wires and watertight conduits that are specially designed for safe and reliable operation in harsh underground conditions. Mandatory safety checks that must be done daily on these vehicles can also be performed above ground.

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