How Seawater Materials Can Help with Battery Manufacture

How Seawater Materials Can Help with Battery Manufacture

The latest batteries made from the minerals extracted from seawater will help to replace the metals like cobalt that are used while manufacturing batteries.


International Business Machines (IBM) has started using the latest battery design that can handle the materials that are extracted from seawater. This new type of battery is used to replace heavy metals.

The battery has been discovered in IBM’s Research Battery Lab. The innovative design eradicates the usage of cobalt and is also expected to be better than lithium-ion batteries in terms of charging time, energy efficiency, and also cost.

Furthermore, to develop these new batteries for commercial purposes, IBM has combined forces with Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America, Battery manufacturer Sidus, and battery electrolyte supplier Central Glass.

According to the organization, the battery will work by extracting minerals from the seawater. Also, in comparison with the traditional material mining methods, the latest batteries can lay the groundwork for fewer invasive sourcing techniques. The goal of the company is to start working with the new battery within a year so that they can start working more efficiently and without impacting the environment.

The research team had used three latest and diverse proprietary materials. It then revealed chemistry for the battery, which does not make use of any heavy metals that will be concerned about the sourcing.

It is estimated that there will be demand for the new battery in the market because the key battery makers are already under pressure to cut down the amount of cobalt in the lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries.

The scarcity of minerals has already helped to expand the market of an electric vehicle, and it can also increase the usage of the new batteries. The company is also teaming up with the University of Tokyo as a part of its plan to develop quantum computing with the advancement of their first application of the new technology.

Moreover, with the deliberate calculations, the company’s quantum computing system IBM Q System One designed for the scientific purposes will be installed in Japan at the company’s facility.