Why it is Essential to Achieve an Appropriate Level of Measurement in the Mining Industry

Appropriate level of measurement will increase the level of efficiency across the production so that they can meet the demands of the customers.

FREMONT, CA: It is crucial to continuously measure the level of liquid and bulk solid so that overflowing or coming under the minimum capacity of the tank and silos can be prevented. In the mining and water industries, there are several types of level measurement technologies that are being used.

Appropriate level measurements can enhance the level of efficiency in the production line and make sure the number of products is met during shipment so that it can protect profit as well as the equipment.

The mining operators want their mine to operate smoothly and efficiently so that they can increase their outputs because they also have customer demands and deadlines to meet. 

Radar and Guided Wave Process Instrumentation

Radar level measurement is one of the most efficient techniques because it supplies reliable results in most unpleasant environments. These instruments also measure levels by making use of the high-frequency radio waves, which can sense the distance with the assistance of the transmitter and the surface of the liquid by observing the time taken by the electromagnetic waves to travel. Since radio waves are also a common choice for many applications and industries because they can be used in high temperatures, high pressures, and high humidity.

Some devices are mainly designed to be used in extreme temperatures or to deal with aggressive liquids such as VEGAPULS WL 61, 61, 62, 64, 65, and 66. Few devices like VEGAPULS 67, SR 68, 68, and 69 are also used for constant level measurement of bulk solids. 

Many non-contact technologies are available for process instrumentation, and here are some of the commonly used ones.

Ultrasonic level measurement- The transmitter releases ultrasonic pulses and analyzes the amount based on the time from transmission to contact with the product.

Capacitive level measurement- The technology makes use of a probe rod and the tank wall to form the capacitor. 

Hydrostatic level measurement- The device observes the hydrostatic pressure so that it can calculate the changes in the liquid level.