Why Do Mines Need Pressure Measurement Sensors?

In the mining and tunneling industry, the pressure measurement sensors are used in a wide range of applications.

FREMONT, CA: Pressure measurement sensors have become a vital device across the mining industry because this piece of equipment is massively utilized during a mining or tunneling operation. The pressure measurement sensors are used for several types of applications that include measuring the amount of liquid or air pressure that has built within a pipe and even the level of material in a tank.

The pressure transmitter can help in monitoring the pressure of liquid that is being transferred in the sites where there is the availability of liquid moving around a facility. When the pressure reaches its highest point, there are chances that the pump is over-pressurizing and it may lead to bursting in pipes which can be expensive to repair.

Essential Equipment for a Range of Applications

Vega, a mining equipment provider, offers two types of pressure measurement sensors, one is the process pressure devices, and the other is differential pressure devices. The process pressure devices calculate the pressure of the air or liquid, while differential equipment devices analyze the two pressures that will determine the difference between them.

Air has to be pumped underground for necessary circulation and ventilation in the underground mining operations. However, if there is a difference in the pressure across the filters and the security personnel realize that the instruments need to be cleaned become inefficient, which can be a for the employees.

Another important application for the pressure measurement sensors can be the water boring procedure. In most mining areas, water is rare due to which the operators have to sink deep bores into the ground so that they can withdraw water from it.

There are pressure transmitters that can be lowered into the bores, and it will update the staffs about the amount of liquid that is available. Water is one of the useful objects in the mining procedure, and it can be an expensive mistake for the operators if they try to bore in areas where there is no water as it will destroy the pumps.

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