What are the Necessary Obligations a Mining Company Must Know

Artificial intelligence (AI) provides many prospecting and mining operations with a wide range of possibilities to work on their efficiencies.

FREMONT, CA: AI offers several new doors for the companies to work and invest in, which includes a more exceptional ability to aim at the possible mineral deposits, prepare new mine advances under challenging terrains, control independent vehicles, and enhance recovery rates from minerals processing. Since AI applications are advanced, companies now need to center their attention on the vital critical legal aspects that are essential to avoid future embarrassing and expensive disputes.


In cases where AI projects are being undertaken in collaboration with a different party, mining companies should establish the owners of the outcome, considering various possible issues like the value brought in by each party, the features that interest the mining companies, and the commercial motives for each element. The apt intellectual property (IP) agreements need to be in the right place, along with other contractual protections, like the rights to use, exclusiveness, and confidentiality.

AI and Data:

It is crucial to find out if the use of data in training and analyzing the AI project is compatible with the established data protection and privacy laws or not. It is also essential to take into account the consequences of third parties accessing the information and ensuring that there is a data-sharing agreement in the contract. It is ideal for making use of regulatory or development sandboxes, which are in remote environments, capable of carrying out tests without harming the host network.

Regulation and Liability:

AI might make decisions for which the mining company can be held responsible. Therefore, if AI systems are provided under a contract, it should address the standards necessary and contain limitations and exclusion provisions. On the other hand, if the system is not provided under an agreement, the mining company needs to take into account its responsibility in case of infringement of rights and decide if a critical disclaimer would be necessary. 

Safe Usage:

There are times when the AI systems might behave impulsively. The potential dangers attached to the technology needs to be factored into the broad risk framework of the mining company, and should also be tested before its use. Their implementation needs to be supervised appropriately, including making sure about the positioning of the circuit breakers and their behavioral controls.

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