Is Stainless Steel an Answer to the Rising Demands in Construction?

It is stainless steel that drives the demand from various applications in different sectors such as construction, heavy industries, consumer goods, and many others.

FREMONT, CA: Weld quality is considered to be a massive issue in appearance, as well as functionality. Most of the architectural items, such as a railing or decorative features, complement the look when they are made with inert gas welding. It is a type of welding that allows a very clean and nearly decorative weld bead, but is a very challenging job to do, especially out in the field. 

The traditional weld shops are mostly ill-equipped to make such kind of welding to work, which gives rise to an added issue of capacity. People can find the stainless-steel work on their railings, signs, wall wraps, counter-tops, benches, decorative hoods, steeples, sun shades, and many other places. 

Another challenge that the steel industry encounters is stainless contamination. Outdated shops are infamous for contaminating stainless steel with the use of carbon steel filings. It means there will be rust eventually appearing on the surface of their expensive, supposedly rust-free material.

It generally happens for two prevalent methods: 

Every work that is done on stainless materials is usually performed by the ones that are used for steel-only fabrication. It often happens with the parts that are cut, formed, and transported.

Stainless materials are preserved around other carbon steel parts. Filings, grindings, and shavings appear on the surface of the stainless material along with water or atmospheric conditions that form water drops, start the process of rusting.

In the end, since not every stainless steel parts are equally created, so the high-quality stainless steel craftsmanship ends up as the real thing. It is crucial to remember that carbon steel and stainless steel can never be friends.

Quality, capacity, and contamination of a weld are considered as the three essential items to take into account while determining whoever does the work. These three factors are critical and can make the job successful.