What's New in the Laser Welding Sector?

The latest technology applied in laser welding is making it more efficient and also less time consuming.

FREMONT, CA: Several trends characterize the usage of lasers in the automotive sector. Vehicles can be made safer and superior with the help of high-strength steels, weight-saving aluminum alloy, ground-breaking joining technologies, and also extraordinary mixtures of material. These days the process monitoring systems around the laser joining are crucial so that it can be made sure about both the stability of the procedure and the quality. Process monitoring can be separated into pre-, in- and post-monitoring. The WeldMaster platform merges all several process steps into one. 


The blending of the tracking function of the WeldMaster, along with the ScanTracker scanning system and the laser power control, has made it possible to approach the new procedures. The ScanTracker is utilized to laterally oscillate the laser beam that is in focus and impose it with higher frequencies. Moreover, there are also possibilities of applying a synchronous laser power modulation resulting in accurate power distribution in the lateral direction.

Gap Bridging

In the application of fillet weld, there are chances of measuring the probable gap among the upper and lower sheet based on the laser triangulation before the starting of the actual laser procedure. Furthermore, the process parameters like lateral position, power modulation of the laser beam, or laser power can be adjusted according to it. Therefore, leading to a more controlled and robust bridge gaping.

Quality Monitoring

One of the vital indicators for the achieved quality is seam geometry. The defined geometric values like collapsed seams, seam bending, or seam width can be directly measured in-situ, followed by the processing and evaluation with the assistance of image processing. The evaluation is also based on grey level analysis and laser triangulation. Therefore, the information about the quality of the component is obtainable instantly, and it becomes easy to reject the unnecessary part and start rework.

Customer Benefits

The usage of WeldMaster and ScanTracker for inspecting the aluminum products have made it possible to decrease the processing time for welding. The total investment has also reduced because of the elimination of separate quality monitoring stations.