How Radar Level Measurement Devices is Beneficial Compared to Ultrasonic

How Radar Level Measurement Devices is Beneficial Compared to Ultrasonic

The mine operators have started adopting radar level measurement devices instead of ultrasonic to get a more reliable and accurate measurement.

FREMONT, CA: It is essential that the measurements of products, solid or liquid, must be done accurately. For several years, mine operators depended on ultrasonic devices to achieve this information by using the ultrasonic waves that can detect the quantities inside a bin, hole, or stockpile.

However, using ultrasonic devices has become a challenge for the operators, particularly because of the interference of the external factors that can have on the readings of the ultrasonic devices. The Ultrasonic level measurement that uses a pulse signal targeted towards an object, which then reflects and echoes in return to the sender, is vulnerable to the environment. In other words, the measurement can get disturbed because of dust, heat, and other atmospheric components.

However, there is an alternative technology to the ultrasonic device. Similar to ultrasonic equipment, the radar level measurement devices are also the anon-contact instrument that can be used for measuring liquids and solids in the entire process of mining. The radar level measurement sends a microwave beam that will hit the surface, reflect, and then permit the equipment to work out the quantity.

Furthermore, the radar level measurement device also does its job with a similar principle as the ultrasonic, and that is not to keep contact with the material, but the method that they use is different. The technology, unlike ultrasonic equipment, reacts rapidly, travels at the speed of the light, and also is immune to heat, snow, dust, wind, and any other environmental circumstances.

There are also other benefits of the radar level measurement devices in comparison with the ultrasonic equipment such as the swiftness of response, reliability, and accuracy. All these are essential traits of a tool that can be used in the mining procedure.

One of the latest radar level measurement device is the VEGAPULS 64 and VEGAPULS 69 from the company Vega. The Vega radar measurement devices that the mining operators can get are not only reliable but also accurate while reading measurement. The equipment will provide more efficiency to the mining organizations.