How is Innovation Impacting Concrete Spraying?

Spraying equipment enables workers to utilize innovative technology to carry out underground construction form a safe distance.

FREMONT, CA: Sprayed concrete, often referred to as Gunite (dry mix) or Shotcrete (wet mix), is a method of applying concrete that is generally self-supporting with no need of a formwork. Concrete spraying is a cost-effective, mechanized technological solution to concrete construction and shaft lining in the underground tunnels, which eventually improves safety and reduces the environmental impact of mining operations. The spraying equipment allows the workers to leverage the innovative technology to carry out underground construction form a safe distance that needs a smaller team of specialized staff for more efficient and sustainable construction methods.

Sustainable Battery-Electric Technology

Sustainability has gained a lot of importance from the industry innovators; for instance, Normet’s battery electric vehicle (BEV) technology, SmartDrive, is an emission-free and is specially designed for use in harsh environments. They do not produce hot gases and heat, which helps in improving air quality in confined spaces ventilation costs. The SmartDrive equipment is easy to charge from any underground AC socket, or by using fast-chargers. The energy recuperation technology used in the SmartDrive vehicles enables them to regenerate and store braking energy during deceleration and downhill driving. Numerous Normet’s products utilize SmartDrive technology for concrete spraying equipment and also other mining construction applications, inclusive but not confined to the Spratmec 8100 SD and Spraymec MF 050 VC SD.

Automating the Spraying Tools to Better the Productivity 

Training the staff in all the areas can be a daunting task because of the diversity of concrete spray equipment. The automation technology makes operations comparatively easier for workers and helps them to improve productivity.

Augmenting the Efficiency with Laser Technology

The developments in the 3D laser technology have enhanced the efficiency and safety of concrete spraying processes. New technologies improve efficiency and reduce wastage, and also allow the operators to scan the areas where repairs might be needed. The data extracted by the laser and its associated software is uploaded to the cloud, helping in the thoughtful analysis in addition to instant concrete thickness reports.

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