How Drones are Helping Increase Mining Safety

Drones are helping the mining industry to increase their safety measures so that the employees do not deal with dangerous situations.

FREMONT, CA: The drone technology has offered a wide range of mining applications that can be utilized for surveying, exploration, and mapping so that they can control safety and improve security. In recent years, the demand for the mining industry has improved enormously. Several mining companies have already started using drones for their benefits and are satisfied with the results.

Here are a few significant trends that are shaping the drone development in the mining sector.

Monitoring and inspection

One of the most unsafe industries for the workers is mining, particularly those conducting deep underground movements. There can be many dangers that the employees might have to deal with as rock falls, gas leaks, dust explosions or floods, and extremely humid conditions. Therefore, the mining companies have started to utilize drones to observe and examine the underground mines.

Furthermore, inspecting the mining equipment can be expensive and time-consuming with a professional workforce due to which drones are being used instead of it. The quality of the data can also get affected because of the short time invested in the inspection. On the other hand, it is easy for a drone to check the equipment so the task will be performed safely and efficiently.

Automatic surveying and mapping

Using traditional methods can take a long time for surveying and mapping. Therefore, instead of a piloted plane in a mine, the mining companies have started using drones and drone pilots. The technology can gather immense aerial data that also consists of excellent measurements and high-end orthoimages.

Stockpile management

The challenge that the mining companies have to deal with managing stockpiles is the excessive height and area that can frequently change. However, with the help of drones, the organizations can gather aerial terrain models of the inventory. Applying the drones will also make sure that the organizations can continuously track the movement of the stockpile.

The mining companies can also benefit from the effective management of stockpiles. It will help in tasks like increasing the quality by blending ore, production backup whenever there are issues with supply and reporting about finances.

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