Top 4 Drone Technology Impacting Metal Industry in 2020 and Beyond

Drones, in the mining industry, enhance the overall efficiency of the massive mine site and quarry management by providing accurate and comprehensive data detailing site conditions in a short time.

FREMONT, CA: By leveraging drones supports mining applications from various kinds of processes like the exploration, surveying, and mapping to maintaining safety and improving security. The demand for UAVs across the mining industry has evolved immensely in recent years, with mine sites showing substantial penetration of drones across different regions. The four key trends that influence drone development in the mining industry are given below:

Automated surveys and mapping

Usually, the processes like the surveying and mapping of mineral landscapes is a long time process. By deploying drones and a drone pilot, a mine can save around 90% of the cost per hour and collect unlimited aerial data, including excellent measurements by simultaneously capturing high-end orthoimages.

Haulage road optimism

The haul road network has a vital impact on the efficiency of mining activities. To achieve a safe and uniform transit, haul road conditions must be continuously monitored. Drones can help this process by collecting a large amount of aerial data, covering more extensive areas more precisely, engineers can then use that for planning, designing, construction, and maintenance activities.

Monitoring and inception

Mining is one of the most unsafe industries for workers, particularly those who perform deep underground activities. Workers can be subjected to many risks like rock falls, extremely humid conditions, gas leaks, and dust explosions. Consequently, mining companies have used drones in underground mines to monitor and inspect deep shafts. Also, drones are being employed to inspect the mining equipment, which is an expensive and time-consuming process, and a highly-skilled workforce is a requirement for this. Moreover, the quality of data collected by human force may be influenced by the short time allotted to inspection.

Water and sediment flow

Drones in mining also help stop the disruption of the operation due to unwanted or uncontrolled water or sediment flow. Flow and tailings pond operations can be modeled from the digital elevation maps produced by the drone images.

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