How Can Digital Technology Increase Safety in Mining?

Technologies can reduce the number of deaths and risks that occur in the mining industry.

FREMONT, CA: Threats and life risks have been common in the mining industry for a long time. There are several ways in which the employees can get injured or, in some scenarios, lose their life, like explosions from gas, trapped underground from cave-ins, explosions from gas. The spread of poisonous gases like carbon monoxide and methane and spillages in tailings dams can also be extremely risky. 

For a very long time, in the mining industry, safety has been a significant concern. Every year, the industry has to witness numerous fatalities. Although according to the mining industry experts, the annual deaths have significantly reduced in recent years, and accidents continue. However, it can be challenging to confirm the accurate number of accidents, but it has been estimated that these mining accidents are accountable for almost 12,000 deaths every year. Furthermore, the mining industry employs around 1% workforce, but it is responsible for nearly 8% of lethal accidents. 

These numerous risks in the mining industry have their consequences because the mining sector workers leave their job due to accidents, and it becomes difficult for organizations to hire new employees. Therefore, the mining companies must focus on the health and safety of their employees, and the latest technologies can offer them with the devices that will help them do so. 

Technology is making the environment of mine safer

Digital technologies can have a drastic effect on the mining sector, particularly when related to safety. Moreover, the technologies can even help change the mining area's environment with tools and techniques starting with fast and dependable connectivity that will make sure to secure the data transmission between the sites. Mining can even benefit from the smart connected devices and data analytics that used IoT. 

Mining can use IoT mainly to implement sensors in the mining equipment as it can monitor and communicate data in real-time. These devices will ensure that the employees are safe and mane the mining environment secure. The companies can even reduce their human resources by using driverless trucks and other vehicles for shifting metals or ore around a site, especially in hazardous locations. Additionally, these sensors can also be installed in the clothes of the workers to observe their health by tracking transmitting the data about the physical condition. The sensors will also send a notification to the mining managers to alert them if there is an accident. 

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