New Developments in the Mining Industry?

New Developments in the Mining Industry?

In a few years, companies will have access to more than one mine, with a customer who will be able to look at every mine around the world in real-time and with endless opportunities.

FREMONT, CA: It is not practically possible for workers to stay on-site, given the unfavorable environment and remote locations where the mining industry works. But the introduction of remote diagnostics for mines has helped them all to work in a more relaxed manner. Constant monitoring of operations and data in real-time enhances the safety of the operators as well as the equipment. The processes can now be carried out from a location that is on the other side of the world to the mining place.

The potential for connectivity is gradually rising due to the advances in technology. The available solutions make it possible for the workers to gain the diagnostics data on nearly every aspect of mine’s operations. Besides, the impending of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies has now created an impact on the industry with its solutions that bring better efficiency and reduce the downtime. Mine operators in the present time, cannot afford to be left behind when the technological advancements are touching higher peaks.

The primary benefit of a mining process is the transparency to one’s operations. The most important aspect is to maximize the fleets’ productivity, so the workforce can grow and optimize the processes. Additionally, when it comes to the asset management side, there are advantages that include maintenance and service planning. These are the benefits that can help in improving productivity for operations without wasting any time. Therefore, getting remote diagnostics and connections to the machine via the underground is critical to diminish the process interference.

When the data is collected from the equipment, it gets transferred for added analysis that can take place either on a cloud platform or on-premises servers. In a few other systems, the data gets visualized on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, where they are assessed and acted upon. Furthermore, it generates alerts in real-time and enables safety hazards to be addressed. Data can be collected from each application and process using the modern mining equipment, which can also lend a hand in identifying the location for improvement in efficiency and better training.

In the future, connectivity will be increasing along with the equipment featuring higher abilities of IoT. Sooner or later, operators will need to make sure that they use the latest technology to remain economical.

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