Can Fiber Laser Cutting Boost Machine Capacity?

The productivity of high-volume cutting of fiber lasers has altered the game for fab shops and can triple a shop’s machine capacity overnight.

Fremont, CA: Replacing a CO2 laser with a new fiber laser can better as shops machine capacity. They are fast and always hungry for more material. As shops are growing their revenue, there is more of “something” on the floor any given time, be it in the form of raw material, finished goods, or work-in-process. In the end, the shop floor was already full before the new machinery was even purchased. The question is, where does all the increased volume go? And the answer is, it gets crammed in. The material handlers spend their working hours burying material into every nook and cranny they can find. Cramming the necessary materials somehow in the building, the operators spend their time searching for and ten unburying the sheets they require for the next job.

There is a rise in ammunition in the form of raw sheet stock on-hand, job shops need to keep that stock ready for the go, materials held in-house without being used does not provide any benefit. With the right foresight, wasted time, money, energy, and material can be avoided.

High Storage Density Presents Options

This involves enhancing storage and material handling methods to ensure that the same footprint that was previously allocated to material storage can be efficiently stored two to three times than the existing capacity while simultaneously improving accessibility and safety. With the new high-density storage systems being leveraged to reduce the company’s footprint, the business models can shift, and big decisions can be taken.

Depending on the current situation freed space provides the owners and managers with options to choose to stock more gauges and grades of material for fast-tracking the orders, or they might also want to fill the freed space with equipment that will open doors to an unexplored market. Based on the shop’s mix of work and target markets, the management teams can come to a decision for taking their shop to the next level, something which could have turned out to be more challenging to do without proper inventory management.