4 Key Types of Metal 3D Printing that Metal Enterprises Should Know of

Metal 3D printing technology offers ample benefits to the metal industry. However, do metal enterprises have complete information about its types?

FREMONT, CA: These days, metal 3D printing is being broadly utilized in industries like aerospace, automotive, and jewelry. However, it is vital for every business to have in-depth knowledge of the kinds of metal 3D printing available in the market. 

Metal powder forms the backbone of metal 3D printing. Therefore, the key difference that lies in between these metal 3D printing technologies is that in what way they fuse the powder into metal parts. The following is an overview of kind of metal 3D printing for the companies to become an expert in it.


Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology makes use of a metal 3D printer for producing the parts layer by layer with metal powder. In order to fuse the metal powder, the amount of temperature required is between 1510°C to 1600°C. This process is considered highly useful for low-volume production and functional prototyping.

Binder Jetting

This kind of metal 3D printing fuses the metal powder with the application of a binding agent, layer after layer. Afterward, every layer is lightly cured for solidifying the material. Further, the entire build box is moved into a curing oven when the 3D printing job is done through Binder Jetting.


Selective Laser Melting (SLM) differs from DMLS in terms of the power of the laser. In the case of SLM technologies, the metal powder is completely melted, and hence, the cooling process takes longer. This technology is best suitable for pure metals like Titanium.

Lost-Wax Casting

Lost-Wax Casting does the job of combining both conventional methods and 3D printing. First, a wax prints a 3D model in a 3D print. Afterward, with that model, a mold is produced, and the wax is pushed out via a tree-like structure and is replaced with the metal. Lost-Wax Casting is very beneficial for the production of small objects in huge quantities, such as jewelry.

The bottom line

The metal 3D printing technology is extremely beneficial for the metal industry. The above types of metal 3D printing will provide businesses with enough insights to decide which one is suitable for their enterprise. 

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