Voxel Farm: Enabling Miners to Take Advantage of Spatial Data

Christopher Green, Director of Mining Development, voxel farmChristopher Green, Director of Mining Development
While many industries have advanced their technologies in recent decades, the mining industry has been burdened with the same stagnant technologies and philosophies from the last century. This is due to the very nature of mining, being very much controlled by the knowledge of very powerful and brilliantly experienced mining professionals. Today’s exploration and mining environment shows that there is dangerous shortage of this level of experience. Combine this with a range of new advanced technologies, software and hardware, now coming available and there is the beginnings of a crisis. The lack of experienced people at the “coal face”.

Innovation is demanded everywhere. However, many companies consider this to be an internal process. WRONG! This cannot be further than the truth. The open world market is where real cost-effective collaborative innovation is happening.

The mining industry demands easy-to-adopt technologies that seamlessly leverage the enormous amounts of data being generated from today’s new age high-tech exploration activities and mining operations. Tapping into this need, Brossard, Quebec-based Voxel Farm has developed a stack of advanced new-age solutions, 4IR solutions. These cutting-edge technologies are crucial for mining professionals to analyze spatial and spatiotemporal data to find tomorrows orebodies and to optimize old and new operating mines to greater profitability, maybe even survivability.

It was long overdue for the mining industry to find solutions to empower their staff and consultants to make better decisions on extracting minerals and metals from their mines. Alas the days of single supplier systems to cover all facets of mining are over. The mining domain is too broad for quality single supplier product, let alone for integration. Today’s environment, moving forward into our exciting future mining, is about best of breed technologies for best of breed solutions working harmoniously within End to End fast, auditable, and optimized workflows.

Voxel Farm has made this possible through its open and optimized data storage and retrieval structures, its multi-dimensional geospatial tools, its ability to analyze , and finally to visualize truly massive datasets to help mining professionals compute and collaborate like never before. The industry has never been witness to such a profound paradigm shift since the introduction of computing in the 1970s.
Voxel Farm has given the mining industry a complete digital makeover. What’s more, their technologies are cost-effective and easier to implement that the dinosaur software system from the past. Within Voxel Farm’s active modern mining environment the day of the “real” Digital Twin is upon us. Voxel Farm is the world leader in this domain.

“Our computing software can ingest infinitely large amounts of data from any number of real-time sources in a centralized suite of processes, giving miners complete dynamic control over that data, all behind advanced security protocols,” says Christopher Green, Director of Mining Development at Voxel Farm. Having full knowledge and control over their data is the biggest concern for mining professionals as they strive, and demand, a better understanding of their data and how their E2E systems work. Key to this understanding is the ability for process evolution. This is really, practically speaking, a new concept. The mining professionals are under enormous pressure for speed, accuracy, and innovation. This is, expectedly, a bottom up process and it creates a synergy within the daily mining environment for new ways to collaborate and coordinate.

Keeping this in mind, Voxel Farm has developed a variety of “as-a-service“ facilities with its expanding client base, to provide progressive and evolving capabilities that keep operations always moving forward. This is truly cost-effective innovation. Voxel Farm provides this unique environment. This is a powerful innovation paradigm shift.

Our computing software can ingest a large amount of data in a centralized fashion and give miners complete control over it

This Canadian technology firm enables mining professionals to control their operations using Voxel Farm’s open-interfaced data science initiatives. While its computing tool stores and analyzes spatial information, miners can validate, track and study the data in real-time. They can learn quickly of the nuances in their resource and their mining operation. Furthermore, they can change their planning practices to achieve better outcomes.

Planning(strategic, tactical and real-time) is everything in the mining industry. Without a robust strategy, it doesn’t matter how much data miners have or what technologies they have bought. That’s why Voxel Farm not only stores an ocean of data but also turns it into key information and knowledge, germane to optimized decisions. Mining, after all, is a complex and non-linear industry where decisions can dramatically improve profitability, resource longevity, environmental security and of course safety.

Voxel Farm helps mining companies understand the power of the rapidly advancing digital environment being presented to them. The guiding light is the industrial revolution 4.0 philosophy. Voxel Farm makes it easy for its clients to integrate any of these fantastic new technologies, software and hardware, through its data storage and interpretation platform framework.

One client, a large miner from Australia, conducted data validation and geological modeling in a few weeks. Previously, it was taking them months to achieve the same results, and some of its competitors literally years. They found they could reduce the time and costs associated with their project by creating data simulations where they could execute multiple variations, in parallel, to conclude, with confidence, their final result.

Looking into the future, Voxel Farm doesn’t aspire to become a strictly mining-tech company but rather a leader in storage, advanced processing techniques and data visualization. This is where, it believes, the mining industry can truly transform and make its long overdue leap from the industrial period to the age of data.
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Voxel Farm

Voxel Farm

Brossard, Quebec

Christopher Green, Director of Mining Development

Voxel Farm processes, stores and visualizes virtually unlimited spatial datasets to help miners improve their operations