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George Ristevski, CEO, Total Safety George Ristevski, CEO
Practicing proper industrial safety is essential for running operations that have the best interests of workers, vendors, and customers at heart. Currently, implementing safety measures to contain the COVID-19 outbreak is a priority for organizations across the globe. And as more people return to work after lockdown, there have been major changes to industrial safety protocols. A leading global provider of integrated industrial safety solutions, Totally Safety keeps ahead of these evolving safety protocols and offers services, strategies, and equipment to ensure the well-being of workers, facilities, and the environment. "Our comprehensive and cost-effective solutions make a meaningful difference in the way businesses help protect the safety of workers," states Blane Palermo, Regional Business Development Manager, Total Safety. The company provides COVID-19 onsite screening stations and thermal imaging technology to measure workers' body temperature as they enter a facility alongside onsite flu and COVID-19 testing services. Also, the company's technology systems help connect workers, to communication devices, breathing air, gas detection, and video feed to monitor confined spaces remotely, thus lowering the number of people required onsite and manage a safe environment for the workforce.

Total Safety was established in 1994 to serve the industrial safety needs of the oil and gas industry. Over the years, the company has transformed itself through internal growth and over 36 acquisitions to become a leader in the industrial safety space.
An important strategic partnership during this journey is with MSA, a global leader in the development, manufacture, and supply of safety products. This collaboration has enabled Total Safety to leverage a wide range of innovative products such as the MSA Altair 5X Multigas Detector and the MSA Altair io360 Gas Detector. Utilizing these products, Total Safety can set up a perimeter that can be monitored continuously to ensure the safety of workers in the field. The gas detectors measure several gases depending upon the sensor configuration and send alerts if the concentration of hazardous gases is above the threshold level. These devices are connected to the cloud and can record the accumulative exposure a worker has to certain gases since, over time, its effects may be harmful.

What separates Total Safety from the competition is the company's comprehensive industrial safety solutions and services that are backed by professionals with years of experience. These safety experts possess ample knowledge of the latest technology and are cross trained for rescue operations and emergencies. In addition, Total Safety is dedicated to delivering successful projects and helping clients save costs while being compliant with safety standards. To this end, every client's objectives and goals are taken into consideration while also gaining a deep understanding of what the operations goals are to ensure projects meet expected compliance while protecting the safety of workers. "The result is a comprehensive package that not only covers the areas that a client wishes to address but encompasses all aspects of safety in daily operations," explains Palermo, “in contrast to other safety services providers that can only provide services, or equipment, or personnel, Total Safety, as the name states, is a one-stop-shop for industrial safety needs.”
  • Our comprehensive and cost-effective solutions make a meaningful difference in the way businesses help protect the safety of workers

Despite the impact of the pandemic on the global economy, Total Safety has maintained steady growth. The company gained new customers from diverse industries such as food and beverage, and automotive manufacturing primarily due to the need for COVID-19 screening services. Total Safety has recently set up a technology center in Texas. and intends to invest in innovative technology software solutions to further the goal of making connected facilities and connected worker solutions that prioritize safety foremost. Total Safety continues to deliver the industry's leading industrial safety services and equipment tailored to specific business needs
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Total Safety

Houston, Texas

George Ristevski, CEO

Total Safety is the leading global provider of integrated industrial safety services, equipment and compliance solutions, providing safety equipment, technology and data that make a meaningful difference in the way businesses run. Based in Houston, Texas and operating from more than 200 locations in more than 20 countries, our nearly 4,000 employees help our customers increase employee health and safety, meet compliance and regulatory requirements, boost productivity and reduce downtime