Tembo e-LV: Transforming the Mining Industry via Sustainable and Reliable Mobility Solutions

Matthew Nestor, Director, Head of Global Partnerships , Tembo e-LVMatthew Nestor, Director, Head of Global Partnerships
The mining industry continuously strives to drive overall efficiency and sustainability in its operations. Electric light vehicles (e-LVs)— with the capability to handle the ruggedness of the mining environment—can act as a force multiplier in this regard.

This is where Tembo e-LV makes a world of difference for mining companies by offering a sustainable and reliable mobility solution. The company specializes in designing and assembling conversion kits to convert internal combustion engine vehicles into fully battery electric vehicles. It has architected 100 percent battery-powered e-LVs replacing diesel components in both new and second-hand Toyota LandCruisers. These electric kits involve batteries and components adhering to ISO qualifications with the highest safety standards. As a result, clients can have the durability of the Toyota LandCruisers while being sustainable. For example, the vehicles can function seamlessly amid extreme weather conditions (from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius). Tembo e-LV’s components are also completely ruggedized, protecting batteries from water, rocks or stones, any hazards that could damage the vehicle, and the extremely rough terrain found in mines.

In 2021, Tembo e-LV was acquired by VivoPower, an international battery technology, electric vehicle, solar, and critical power services company.
Together, they equip mining companies with compelling turnkey solutions to electrify their fleets.

“Companies are looking for electric light vehicles as a solution to their net-zero policy. Tembo e-LV, to this end, promises a feasible way forward by electrifying Toyota LandCruisers,” says Matthew Nestor, Director, Head of Global Partnerships, VivoPower.

VivoPower, along with Tembo e-LV has uniquely positioned itself in the market by adhering to the highest safety standards. Tembo e-LV is working on telematics to accumulate driving and mining environment data. It is able to shut down the vehicle remotely upon overheating or during any battery issue. Most importantly, the vehicles efficiently ensure a clean environment for workers, eliminating any possibility of harmful emissions. This has the added important benefit of reducing the cost of ventilation at underground mines. In fact, many efficiencies can be achieved through e-LVs such that the total cost of ownership is significantly reduced, with, for example, lower energy costs versus fossil fuels and lower maintenance costs given the much fewer components involved in an EV drivetrain.

Tembo e-LV is soon launching the most powerful configuration with Toyota’s LandCruiser70 series, carrying up to 110 kW power, 250Nm of Max Torque and a 200 km+ range, with an on-site charging network.
  • Companies are looking for electric light vehicles as a solution to their net-zero policy. Tembo e-LV, to this end, promises a feasible way forward by electrifying Toyota LandCruisers, the most commonly used vehicle in the mining industry today

For distribution of its EV conversion kits, Tembo e-LV has partnered with numerous mining companies, like GHH covering various countries, Acces Industriel in Canada, BODIZ in Mongolia, and various entities working with the private and public sector, like ETC Mauritius who recently signed Tembo’s largest distribution agreement to date. These mining suppliers install the kits for the LandCruisers, invest in selling the solution overseas, and provide local maintenance and training services to the mining companies with Tembo’s support.

Tembo e-LV enjoys significant momentum with a pipeline of orders and commitments of 11,000+ over the next 5-year period and sees demand growing considerably as it keeps signing new agreements for further commitments in a $146bn ($110 for used vehicles, $36bn for new vehicles) total addressable market.
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Tembo e-LV

Tembo e-LV


Matthew Nestor, Director, Head of Global Partnerships

Tembo e-LV is a Netherlands-based specialist electric battery and off-road vehicle company that develops customized, ruggedized electric light vehicles designed for a diverse range of sectors including Mining, Infrastructure, Utilities, Public Sector, Tourism and more, with low maintenance and operational costs. It is part of VivoPower, an international Sustainability Energy Solutions company.