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Michael Tsockallos, Managing Director & Business Development, Synergistics AustraliaMichael Tsockallos, Managing Director & Business Development
In today's fast-paced competitive business landscape, IT departments within asset-intensive industries have to contend with numerous work environment realities such as continuous cost reductions, improving service delivery, effectively deploying new technology, and constantly justifying all IT expenditures. Strategically, the key challenges that perturb CIOs and IT leaders are convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), besides the practical adoption of digital strategies, and the ever-present challenge of improving alignment to the business. To address these intricacies, asset-intensive organizations are on a quest for professional consultants who can support them in aligning information systems to business goals in order to improve operational efficiency and performance.

This is where Synergistics Australia, an IT advisory and deployment consulting service provider that specializes in the mining and metals segment, comes to the rescue of modern CIOs and their accord with asset centric operating environments. “With our unique methodologies, industry experience, and consulting services, fundamentally, we are striving to assist our clients reap complete benefit of IT to deliver business value, and be able to better articulate IT value proposition to the business,” states Michael Tsockallos, Managing Director & Business Development, Synergistics Australia.
Since its inception in 2002, Synergistics has combined best-in-class people, processes, and technologies in its tactical approach to the design and deployment of operations management and manufacturing execution systems. Tsockallos says, “Our business process standards, frameworks, and tools developed specifically for mining and metals industry, are time-tested, proven, and have a great success rate, which enables us to deliver consistent results and enhance the return on the time and technology investments.” With an in-depth knowledge of business processes definitions, Synergistics ensures that these structures and standards capture the required information in the correct format, to meet the objectives of a specific engagement. The company has also invested a great amount of time in assessing the foundational value of digital technology, and how best it could practically benefit the metals and mining industry.

Synergistic’s strategic advisory services are designed to emphasize the clear and concise definition of an IT department’s role within a business, in terms of accountability, scope, service provision, and most importantly, value proposition. These services calibrate the right balance of the bridge between OT and IT, by leveraging the respective skills and capabilities of IT, to better support operating business objectives. It also provides the traceability of IT services and initiatives needed to achieve desired business outcomes while ensuring business value is clearly defined and documented. “We are hardware, software and vendor agnostic in the market and our consultancy services are purely based on the intrinsic needs and dynamics of our clients,” adds Tsockallos.

As a successful outcome of its dexterity, Synergistics’s expertise proved instrumental for a client who was awarded a significant supply contract. The client’s operational structures and business processes were inadequate and not scalable to meet future supply demands. Synergistics stepped in and worked closely with the client, to develop and document a new operating philosophy, and prospective processes to mitigate the issue at hand. This engagement meant the client is able to seamlessly transition toward future work practices realising the operating philosophy, providing clarity of ICT requirements, and enabling HR to recruit for new roles.

Having carved a niche for itself in the metals and mining landscape, Synergistics plans to further develop specific service offerings capable of efficiently and effectively assessing actual and proposed solution architectures against business requirements. “Our upcoming service offering will be heavily based on intellectual property and knowledge that we have generated over the years, and designed to aid our clients achieve best IT practices and solutions,” concludes Tsockallos.
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Synergistics Australia

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Michael Tsockallos, Managing Director & Business Development

Provides IT Strategy and deployment consulting and business process management services for organizations in the asset-intensive industry.