Sedgman: Advancing the Standard of Excellence and Innovation

Carolyn Hillard, Vice-President, North America, SedgmanCarolyn Hillard, Vice-President, North America
CIMIC Group’s mineral processing company, Sedgman has always been at the forefront of bringing innovation to the mining space. The company is recognized as a leading provider of mineral processing and associated infrastructure solutions.

“Key challenges in the sector such as declining resource grades and increasing ore complexity are well known and those challenges lead to a larger environmental footprint making sustainability and social license to operate increasingly important,” says Carolyn Hillard, the Vice-President, North America at Sedgman. “At Sedgman, we are focused on sustainability in all our work to improve our performance across the key areas of environment, social, and governance (ESG).”

From large-scale innovative modular plant designs, and early adoption of large diameter dense media cyclones, to the latest in-house sensor built by its mechatronic engineers, Sedgman never fails to deliver impressive outcomes.

Sedgman improves mineral processing outcomes with automation and remote monitoring. A glowing example of its innovation is the SEDGMETRIX platform. It is an internet of things (IoT) ecosystem of tools that can be used to monitor the status and optimize the performance of any operation or asset, be it in renewable energy, mining, mineral processing, oil and gas or supply chain. The SEDGMETRIX platform can be coupled with selected SEDGMETRIX advanced on-premise solutions installed into your facility to give a higher level of measurement and feedback on plant equipment and processes.

The unwavering focus on innovation is evident by Sedgman’s annual Meakin Technical Innovation Award which recognizes the company’s outstanding work to advance the technical knowledge that keeps them at the forefront of the mining sector.

Sustainability for Sedgman means creating lasting value for all its stakeholders through responsible action.
ICMM member companies have committed to net zero Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 2050 or sooner and have set Scope 3 reduction targets. Sedgman is committed to understanding the impact of its designs and services on client ESG commitments, including GHG reduction targets.

With technology evolving rapidly, Sedgman is future-proofing its services and always looking and creating future jobs such as technology-focused roles. The company prides itself on being an early adopter of technology and its approach to utilizing technology in long-term operations over the lifetime of a project. Sedgman has industry-leading systems, including advanced design software, smart construction platforms, and real-time operations systems, able to create a powerful data value chain across the project lifecycle.

An example of innovation and improved ESG practices, is one of Sedgman’s key service tailings dewatering. As part of this service water recovery is maximised, which is particularly critical in high water stress areas. Having extensive technical experience in tailings processing systems across the minerals processing industry, Sedgman has delivered a significant number of studies and projects which include a variety of tailings dewatering technologies and reject transport and emplacement methods.

Our experience includes delivering the Nevada Copper Pumpkin Hollow Project in Nevada, United States of America, which included plate and frame filters to dewater tailings.
  • At Sedgman, we are focused on sustainability in all our work to improve our performance across the key areas of environment, social, and governance (ESG)

Pumpkin Hollow is an underground copper mine accompanied by a flotation processing facility. The evolution of the underground mine, including timing of required paste backfill material and environmental permitting considerations added significant complexity to the process plant design. By considering the full life cycle of the project, including the multiple step changes of the mine plan, the team was able to minimise capital regression while optimising operational flexibility and cost. By enabling the flexibility of utilising the plate and frame filters to both dry stack material, this ensures the paste plant and back fill underground are well prepared.

We are engaged with a range of equipment vendors in the commercial application of new technologies and are actively ensuring we can provide clients access to emerging technologies as well as proven technologies in our designs, including:

• Tailings dewatering, including via belt press, plate and frame, disc filters, and both solid and screen bowl centrifuges

• Tailings emplacement and co-disposal strategies to maximise process water recovery.

Sedgman is a specialist in the field of mineral processing and surface infrastructure, and that focus has contributed to the company’s immense success. By maintaining focus on its areas of expertise, the company has built a reputation of successful delivery that attracts talented people and clients.
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Carolyn Hillard, Vice-President, North America

Sedgman is the leading provider of integrated minerals processing solutions. Sedgman’s focus on innovation is apparent through its annual Meakin Technical Innovation Award. The Meakin Technical Innovation Award recognizes outstanding work to advance the technical knowledge that keeps Sedgman at the forefront of Mining sector