Priscu and Associates Consulting Engineers Inc.: A Trusted Advisor for Safe and Sustainable Mining Projects

Doina Priscu and Caius Priscu, Co-founders, Priscu and Associates Consulting Engineers Inc.Doina Priscu and Caius Priscu, Co-founders
Priscu and Associates Consulting Engineers Inc. is a leading provider of integrated engineering and sustainability advisory services to civil and mining industries. Founded in 2020, the firm is a brainchild of Doina Priscu and Dr. Caius Priscu, both civil and mining engineers. The Priscu couple’s 60+ years combined experience in these domains led them to excel in specialized consultancy.

“At Priscu and Associates Consulting Engineers, we specialize in offering high quality, strategic advisory services and independent reviews for mine waste management, tailings storage facilities and water retaining dam safety, mine closure and sustainability, and associated operational and corporate governance” states Dr. Priscu, its Co-Founder.

At the heart of Priscu and Associates' service suite is a passion for helping mine owners better understand the risks and implementing appropriate measures in the mine waste management practices. In this way, the company intends to improve stewardship of mine waste facilities and, indirectly, help protect the environment and communities near mining sites. Adhering to this goal, Priscu and Associates always goes beyond checking the boxes in reviews and assurance for clients’ mine waste management facilities, bringing value-added recommendations for real step-changes.

Priscu and Associates’ services in mine waste management chiefly include independent reviews, assessments, and assurance for tailings and water retaining dams’ safe and sustainable management. The company also offers mine waste management due-diligence reviews, and support in corporate portfolio risk management.
Through this specialized suite of services, mining companies can better understand their potential challenges and efficiently address them by quality implementation of international standards, industry leading practices, better governance strategies at operational and corporate levels.

Safe and sustainable mine closure, with long term maintenance, surveillance and governance is also snowballing into a challenge for most mining companies. To help address these issues, Priscu and Associates offers mine closure and reclamation technical planning and implementation advisory services, options analyses reviews, and support in risk management, permitting and environmental project submissions. These services focus on helping clients improve project submissions, while implementing quality mine closure measures, following leading practice.

Priscu and Associates Consulting Engineers Inc. also offers governance, assurance, and training services related to implementation verification of several international standards and best practices, such as the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM), and the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) guidelines. The company conducts thorough assessments and verifications to identify gaps in clients’ mining processes. Their contributions also include participation in Independent Technical Review Boards for quality stewardship of tailings facilities - a key governance requirement under GISTM and MAC guidance in managing and mitigating key risks. Services are provided for operations in Canada, United States, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Ghana, and South Africa.
  • A commitment to technical excellence helps us create responsible and sustainable mine waste management solutions and add long-term value

As senior professionals in the industry, both Doina and Caius strongly believe that they have a responsible role to play in passing knowledge to younger generations. They are both involved in different volunteer work with technical non-profit organizations, and teaching activities at both undergraduate and graduate University levels in Canada, United States, and Chile, sharing their practical experience with future engineers and fostering a strong technical knowledge. The mining industry is in a vacuum of specialists in the engineering and geosciences world, related to mine waste management, and the Priscu couple are committed to help preparing high-quality future generation of professionals, hence making a difference in this space.

“A commitment to technical excellence helps us provide recommendations for responsible and sustainable engineering solutions to advance challenging mine waste management projects and add long-term value” says Doina Priscu, Co-Founder of Priscu and Associates Consulting Engineers.
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Priscu and Associates Consulting Engineers Inc.

Priscu and Associates Consulting Engineers Inc.

West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Doina Priscu and Caius Priscu, Co-founders

Priscu and Associates Consulting Engineers is a leading provider of integrated engineering, environmental and sustainability advisory services in the Civil and Mining industries. The company excels in specialized consultancy throughout the lifecycle of the mining projects, from opportunity studies to post-closure