Will Unique Vehicles Make Work For Underground Concrete Transportation Hassle-free?

Will Unique Vehicles Make Work For Underground Concrete Transportation Hassle-free?

Underground concrete transportation has always been a big challenge for the mining industry. How can it be dealt?

FREMONT, CA: Underground concrete transportation is a vital work phase in all tunnels and mines. However, it comes with its own challenges.

Generally, operators turn to standard on-road transport for obtaining the concrete where it is required to be. However, these vehicles usually do not possess agility or strength to deal with unique scenarios of underground work.

Vehicles, specifically built for underground concrete transportation, offer the most secure and proficient solution, and provides extra protection for personnel and a possible reduced cost of operation for project owners. Moreover, these vehicles also ensure that operators are working with compliance with the country’s guidelines.

As mentioned earlier, operators face an array of unique challenges when dealing with underground concrete transportation. The personnel has to encounter rough and unhygienic ambiance underground with inferior road conditions, continuous declines or inclines, and lots of traffic within the tunnel.

For overcoming these challenges, mine and tunnel projects are utilizing professional operators with a fine level of relevant training within the field. Besides, it is the responsibility of the senior employees to ensure that ongoing training is helping in maintaining the right attitudes towards driving, safety, and speeds.

Comprehending operator challenges

With the increasing importance of operator safety and wellbeing in underground mining, safer and more ergonomic solutions are being developed by companies, including enhanced front cabin and suspension systems for reducing operator fatigue.

Another increasing trend in the industry includes working for reducing energy consumption and giving rise to cleaner underground environment and operations.

These days, companies are making use of modern low emission diesel technology, and battery electric suite SmartDrive products provide zero local emissions.

Robust and reliable

The Ultimec LF 600 Transmixer, a concrete transportation vehicle, provides enhanced safety and productivity, simultaneously reducing operational costs and the total cost of ownership.

The vehicle comes with a practical concrete with a capacity of 5.6m³. It is designed for heavy concrete transportation in underground tunnels and mines.

The machine comes with a standard drum lifter characteristic for agile adjustment of concrete discharge, which makes it possible to discharge loads in situations where the receptive unit isn’t on the same level or angle as the concrete transporter.

The machine improves driving safety and lessens the fatigue with an optional front axle suspension system, which decreases vibration from the wheels to the cabin, simultaneously enhancing the handling of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the suspension system offers enhanced proficiency and speed to deliver increased security and comfort for the driver as well as the passenger.