Why Metal Enterprises Must Use Better Quality of Abrasives

Why Metal Enterprises Must Use Better Quality of Abrasives

Shops are using better quality of abrasives so that they can save money and even produce better-quality parts.

FREMONT, CA: Many abrasive waterjet users will vouch that it is easy to use. Anyone who owns the waterjet will acknowledge that cutting one-off parts can be easily done, but producing numerous parts that too with 0.05-in tolerance needs skill and knowledge. One has to understand the process fundamentals and also have proper knowledge about how they work together. Here are some essential tips that the metal formers can use efficiently with the abrasive waterjet cutting machines. However, every user can also apply the tips, although there are some which are very basic, it is a process of understanding.


The users operating the waterjet cutting machines must know that the garnet flow speed must be supported on the size of the machine’s nozzle orifice and the mixing-tube diameter. Using excessive use of amounts of garnet will become expensive and also a waste of money. Moreover, the mixing tube cannot even handle the volume. On the other hand, a very less amount of garnet will create an impact of the separation speed leading into inefficient cutting and take more time to complete the job. Most of the time, when the rate of flow increases, it increases the speed of separation. The operators must understand the proper spot from which the garnet can flow as it will help them gain optimum separation speed with an appropriate finish. With this process, they can also use the amount of abrasive that is required.

Many shops use the process of waterjet cutting, and they can easily select it from the different types of abrasives available in the market, like staurolite, crushed glass, garnet, olivine, and copper slag. However, among them, garnet is most commonly used because it can balance the cutting speed and even cost along with low silica content.

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