Why it is Necessary to Focus on Mineral Supply for Green Tech

Why it is Necessary to Focus on Mineral Supply for Green Tech

Governments must take clear actions about the security of the mineral supply chain to lower the carbon transition.

FREMONT, CA: According to an international team of researchers, the revolution regarding the low-carbon worldwide can be at risk if new international agreements and governance mechanisms are not applied to make sure about a sustainable supply of rare metals and minerals.

As per scientists, the significant risks appear from the fact that the worldwide supplies of copper, cadmium, cobalt, lithium, and other rare earth elements are required for batteries, wind turbines, photovoltaics, electric vehicle motors, nuclear reactors, and wind turbines.

However, the change in the global energy landscape is making it more mineral and metal-oriented. Therefore, the feasibility and security of the material supply chain are vital for supporting the transition of energy.

According to the experts, there are also high chances that the scarcity of minerals can hold back the immediate requirement for the agile development of low-carbon technologies. Consequently, the experts have made several suggestions that can offer help while managing the high demand for low-carbon technology minerals. The recommendations can also reduce the environmental and public health damage that might happen during extraction and processing.

Here are some of the suggestions of the researchers.

• Improve and organize international agreements on responsible mining and traceability so that the mineral supply justice can be adequately established.

• The recycling and reuse of rare minerals must be expanded extensively for expanding the lifetime of the products and stretch out reserves.

• The mineral supply scale should be broadened so that both large and small-scale operations can be implemented while permitting the miners to have access over the mineral revenue with the help of robust benefit-sharing mechanisms.

• The focus must be shifted to the progression of donor policies to distinguish the potential of livelihood in the mining areas where there is extreme poverty than just modifying the sector for tax revenues.

• Specifications about the Extended Product Responsibility must be used for the valuable products and rare minerals must. This will make sure the responsibility of the product is taken care of by the primary producers.

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