What Type of Wearable Devices are Used in the Mining Industry

The mining companies are trying to adopt wearable technologies to increase the safety of the employees.

FREMONT, CA: One of the significant features of wearable tech is to minimize workplace injuries. In the mining industry, workers are mostly exposed to the risk of getting themselves injured because of the dangerous terrain or due to their work with heavy types of machinery. The wearable technologies like smart helmets can be used to evaluate the health and wellbeing of the employees, and it can also be the right equipment as assistance and support for them. The smart helmet has been developed by the US-based Guardhat that has sensors that will detect the safety of the workers in their present environments.

Resource Tracking

The wearable technologies are used so that they can efficiently track the workforce during mine operations. By utilizing location-based technologies and wireless connectivity, companies can monitor the real-time location of the employees. Furthermore, during emergencies also it will assist the operators in removing the workers from the hazardous situation as they will know when a mishap occurs.

Real-Time Monitoring and Inspection

The primary characteristics of the wearable technology are for maintaining and inspecting equipment so that it can minimize the downtime. It can also cost the company millions if the machine fails to work appropriately. In critical situations, the technicians must seek assistance from an expert. However, if the companies try to bring an expert from the onshore offices to the offshore mines, they might increase their overall expenditure and time necessary for inspection and repair of the equipment.

Smart helmets and smart glasses will be useful to reduce the required time and cost of the inspection and repairing. Furthermore, the devices can also offer appropriate relatable data, maps, schematics, charts, and even other information to the field engineer. Wireless connectivity will also help the field engineer to obtain real-time expert guidance. Hence, the devices are increasing the efficiency of the productivity and uptime of the equipment by reducing the expense of maintenance.

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