What to Consider Before Using Metal 3D Printing

The use of metal 3D printing is increasing among design engineers due to its efficiency and flexibility.

FREMONT, CA: More design engineers in the metals and mining industry are using 3D printing due to its increased efficiency and flexibility. The expense related to 3D printing is decreasing, but the capital necessary for metal printing is still large. The 3D printing metal has numerous variables and controls that prevent the procedure from becoming user-friendly. Therefore, the design engineers might hesitate to apply printing in metal due to the large investment. It is also necessary for the designers to have some technical knowledge.

The most important advantage of applying 3D printing metal or plastics is its ability to develop geometrics, which is impossible with other procedures. Besides, the 3D printing has more benefits due to which the designer engineer can utilize it, like combining several parts into one, enhancing functions, increasing flexibility, interior channels, improving geometrics, and decreasing tooling. There are also some indirect advantages of 3D printing.

Long lead time

3D printing can provide a solution to the designer engineers if they think that downtime expenses are immensely high due to lead times on tooling and parts. Moreover, for tooling, the design engineers can decrease or eliminate time consumption by directly printing the part.

High inventory expenses

3D printing also permits on-demand production by decreasing the requirement of inventory.

Sole-sourced from the suppliers

The companies do not have to be dependent on suppliers by qualifying parts of 3D printing.

Remote locations

Remote locations can put a limitation to the delivery of parts, but the on-site 3D printing can decrease delivery times.

High import of export costs

On-site 3D printing will also reduce the expense related to high import and export.

The design engineers must consider the expense related to metal printing design. It is also necessary for them to understand the various metal 3D printing processes because they all have different abilities, material properties, and material options.

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