What kind of technologies will continue to reshape the metal fabrication industry?

The technology trends in metal fabrication are continuously evolving leading to a lot of changes and shifts in the market. In this case, enterprises should keep themselves aware of the progress that is being made in metal fabrication.

FREMONT, CA: The metal fabrication industry is one of the industries that are growing exponentially. Previously, manual tools were primarily utilized for the sheet metal fabrication processes, like cutting, welding, machining, and manufacturing of the final product. However, today, most of these tools have been replaced by advanced machinery. The growth of the industry has been boosted by two factors, which include enhanced supply chain practices and technological advancements. The following are some of the significant trends in the metal fabrication industry 2020.

3D Printing

3D Printing has made its debut in the metal fabrication industry by reducing manufacturing cost and time, eliminating assembly steps, facilitating freedom in design, and minimizing wastage of resources. The technology aids in simplifying the process of creating tools and structures. It also empowers enterprises to create even the most complex designs without facing any challenges associated with conventional manufacturing processes.


Automation is already transforming the metal fabrication industry. It will continue to simplify its processes, such as the act of cutting and bending sheet metal with the help of its robotic and AI-based technologies. Moreover, automation is helping the industry in cutting the metals effortlessly without any human supervision, and also preventing metal wastage, thus assisting the manufacturers in obtaining precision.

Tube laser technology

The new tube laser technology helps in enhancing the ability of manufacturers to produce more accurate cuts, minimize downtime associated with downstream assembly, accelerate the process of fabrication, and save money simultaneously improving quality. Tube laser technology is considered one of the rapidly growing sheet metal fabrication technologies with countless benefits.

The bottom line is that enterprises should act smart and adopt these technologies as soon as possible. Metal fabrication trends keep evolving because of its technology and market shifts.  

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