What is the Latest Development in the Concrete Spraying Machinery?

An increase in demand for the combination of skilled personnel and highly effective machinery has led to the latest developments in the concrete spraying machinery.

Fremont, CA: Concrete spraying or shotcrete is one of the critical components of mine and tunnel operations around the world. Contrary to the traditional methods of pouring or formwork, shotcrete involves spraying concrete pneumatically at high velocity to construct solid surfaces. The process creates many benefits for mine and tunnel operators who are working underground. This reduces operational costs, labor effort, and a project’s impact on the environment while improving worker safety and working conditions. Further, concrete spraying equipment allows personnel to handle machinery from a safe distance, thereby, positioning staff away from impending dangers from falling rocks and other potential hazards.

Still, there is an increase in demand in concrete spraying for the combination of skilled personnel and highly effective machinery.

Recently, to address this, one of the leading underground equipment providers, Normet, has launched the SmartSpray System, which is a suite of concrete spraying machinery that reduces operator effort, minimizes personnel risks, and increases the productivity of spraying with its innovative design features.

The suite comes in three versions: Lite, Pro, and ProPlus. To avoid operating two or more joysticks, the SmartSpray Lite allows personnel to control one spraying nozzle with a single joystick and perform basic spraying movements. Through automated support, the position of the nozzle is maintained to align the direction of the spray towards the desired surface. SmartSpray Pro, on the other hand, allows automatic movements in regular spraying, moving the nozzle from point to point by merely adjusting the distance required to the surface. The top tier, SmartSpray ProPlus, has been designed to spray concrete on a previously defined area automatically. This is accomplished by automatically calculating the path the nozzle should travel while maintaining the speed and distance between the wall and nozzle to achieve the desired thickness.

Complementing SmartSpray, Normet has developed SmartScan, a 3D laser scanning technology. The innovative machinery combines successful features of concrete spraying equipment with the latest in sensor technology to sustain the unique environments and challenges associated with the shotcrete.

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