What is the Impact of Safety Analytics on the Mining Industry?

In the mining sector, safety is crucial and advancements in technology have helped the industry keep up with all safety requirements.

Fremont, CA : Incident response and readiness are critical procedures in mining. Modern technologies, such as advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), can improve mining analytics by increasing project visibility.

Knowledge leads to better judgements and estimations. Here are a few ways advanced analytics, particularly safety analytics, are improving the mining industry.

Eliminating Human Error

It makes no difference what activities are discussed-from driving to working in mine-numerous accidents and events are the results of human error. Automation may significantly reduce human error, mainly when powered by machine learning and advanced analytics.

Most crucially, humans may be virtually eliminated from the equation. Without ever setting foot in a mine, robotics equipment, remote controls, and real-time monitoring may ensure controllers have complete visibility into what is happening.

The same applies to heavy machinery, as operators do not have to be inside or on the equipment. It enables miners to send compelling and diverse instruments into dangerous locations while remaining safe.

Telematics and Wearable Technology

Wearable devices can be used to capture vital signs and track employees' activities throughout a mine, including underground. This data can be remotely provided to site management to determine who is safe and who is not. In a collapse, trapped miners can be discovered, and their vital signs monitored considerably more quickly.

Aboveground, the same data can be given concerning equipment, tools, and personnel. Numerous intelligent technologies, such as RFID tags, wearable technology, and better safety equipment can supply the data necessary to allow these interactions.

These integrated and intelligent technologies foster a higher awareness of the environment, the miners, and the equipment they use. Perhaps this is why the use of connected worker technology, such as wearables, is predicted to increase by 50 percent by 2025.

Intelligent, data-driven mining operations

Modern technologies, such as advanced analytics, can significantly increase production, uptime, and worker safety. The collected data can enable more informed decisions and faster responses by strategically putting real-time sensors throughout a mine and linking them to equipment or people.

Accidents will occur, but they may be significantly avoided with the insights provided through safety analytics and intelligent technologies. Miners may be tracked at all times, as their location, vital statistics, and movements are recorded. Automated processes can help eliminate human mistakes. Machine learning and data analytics can be utilised to understand a mine and its existing environment better, develop predictive models for future events, or even discover new dig sites.

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