What Can Miners do to Increase Safety?

What Can Miners do to Increase Safety?

To increase the health safety of the mineworkers, mining companies have to apply safety equipment and strict safety regulations.

FREMONT, CA: The mining industry is a hazardous sector without various health risks, which can be quite severe sometimes. Therefore, miners must protect their employees accordingly. Mining does not have to be unsafe with the introduction of strict safety regulations and protocols. Moreover, advanced safety equipment is also helping the industry to decrease its fatality rate.

Although the industry has not yet achieved the zero-fatality rate with the help of technologies, the mining companies can try to accomplish it. Moreover, it is necessary to understand and be aware of the environment to prevent injury or illness in the mining sector.

1. Coal dust

One of the common problems faced by the miners is coal dust or dust inhalation. The continuous inhalation of coal dust can cause black lung or miner’s lung. The miner’s lung is a type of occupational lung disease group known as pneumoconiosis. It might differ in severity bit the symptoms consist of scarring of lung tissue and shortness of breath, which can lead to persistent respiratory problems.

Therefore, the mining companies have to implement a dust control plan, and the supervisors must make sure that the dust control system works appropriately during each production shift. The employees have to be trained and educated about the over-exposure of coal mi e dust. Moreover, respiratory protection must be used while installing, maintaining, or repairing dust control protection.

2. Noise

Mining areas can be a noisy place due to the continuous drilling and heavy machinery used over there. Such continuous loud noise can cause hearing damage or permanent loss of hearing ability. It can be easy for the employees to get used to the loud noises mentally, but that does not mean it has not been damaged. Most people do not notice the damage done to their hearing because it can occur very slowly.

The mining companies also have to protect the workers against noise and do that, and they can evaluate the working conditions and implement noise exposure through risk assessments. They can also reduce noise exposure by applying engineering controls in the noise source like absorptive panels or vibration dampeners.

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