What are the Latest Technological Trends Used for Mining Safety

What are the Latest Technological Trends Used for Mining Safety

The mining industry has started using wearables devices so that they can increase the safety of the mining areas and protect the employees.

FREMONT, CA: With the expansion of IoT technologies in various industrial fields, the wearables are also evolving as essential tools. The market of these wearables is driven by technological progress and increasing demand. According to some technical experts, the next big consumer technology can be wearables, and their impact will be like the smartphone. Moreover, the wearable device will significantly impact some of the areas like fitness, fintech, defense, healthcare, logistics, and mining.

One of the riskiest occupations in the world can be mining because various hazards are related to it, which can even lead to death. The employees must be cautious at every step so that no issue can create a dangerous situation in the mining area. Therefore, wearable devices can benefit them as with the help of such tools, and they can predict the gaps in the mining area and even protect them from unsafe circumstances. Here are some wearable technological trends in the mining industry whose demand is increasing in the sector.

Workforce safety and preventing injury

One of the essential works for wearable technology is to decrease injuries in the workplace. An employee working in mine will be exposed to risks or damage due to critical conditions or working with the heavy machinery. Therefore, wearable technologies like smart helmets can be used to evaluate employees' health and security. These helmets can offer proper support to them by identifying the workers' safety situation in their present surroundings.

The sensors in the helmets can identify if there is an issue with the mining area and immediately notify the managers of the company so that they can take advance precautions and save the employees from getting injured.

Real-time monitoring

One of the wearable technology's essential features is to inspect and maintain the equipment so that they can decrease downtime. In the mining industry, if equipment fails to work, it can be expensive for the company. They will need the help of a technician for critical issues, but it can increase the mining companies' expense to bring experts to the offshore mines for inspecting equipment.

Therefore, to reduce the time and cost of inspection and to repair the mining equipment, companies can utilize smart helmets or smart glasses. These advanced devices will offer them accurate data, charts, schematics, maps, and other relevant information. The wireless connectivity can also help employees with real-time guidance, thus increasing their productivity.

Resource tracking

During mining operations, organizations can even use wearable technologies to track the workforce. They will get the real-time location of the workers by tracking them with location-based technologies and wireless connectivity. This technology will also help the mining operators remove the employees during a dangerous situation.

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