What are the Benefits of Metal Laser Cutting?

What are the Benefits of Metal Laser Cutting?

Manufacturers want to use less energy as a cost-cutting and environmentally friendly strategy, and laser cutters will help them achieve this goal.

FREMONT, CA: Laser cutting is a cutting-edge technology that is used in a wide range of metal fabrication projects. Fabricators use various methods to cut metal, but laser cutting is one of the most innovative. Fabricators prefer laser cutters because they can precisely cut at rapid speeds that other flat sheet cutting methods cannot match.

While cutting steel and aluminum sheets, laser cutting has some advantages over plasma cutting because it is more accurate and requires less energy. The fiber laser devices are now capable of cutting through thick materials more efficiently than plasma machines.

Top 10 Metal Fabrication Equipment Companies - 2020Since the laser beam does not wear out during the laser cutting process, the precision and edge quality obtained with laser cutting machines are superior to conventional cutting methods. Laser cutting technology helps the users cut complex shapes without using tools and at a similar or faster speed than other cutting methods.

The advantages of using laser cutters for metal

Shorter Lead Times

Laser cutting is well-known for its ability to cut metal at high speeds precisely. Laser cutters can cut metals that are less than 3/8" thick very quickly. Cutting time increases when working with heavier materials, but they still work quickly. Laser cutters are well designed for both small and large-scale operations, and they can help reduce the processing time by cutting materials faster.


When it comes to accuracy, laser cutters are almost unrivaled. CNC routers program the cutters to make intricate geometric patterns out of complex cuts, and lasers create these cuts and shapes with incredible accuracy. Clean edges and a smooth finish can be achieved using a laser cutter. Anything that comes into contact with the laser is burned, vaporized, or melted. As a result, there would be no extra debris that could result in a rough cut. This precision not only results in high-quality components but also helps to minimize waste during manufacturing.

Energy Usage

A laser cutter's efficiency, combined with its advanced technology, results in less energy consumption than other cutting methods. Laser cutters usually use about 10kW of power during a cutting session, while other cutting mechanisms use around 50kW.

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