What are the Applications of IIoT in the Mining Industry?

What are the Applications of IIoT in the Mining Industry?

IIoT can power mining companies to a great extent, but miners should be ready to accept change.

Fremont, CA: Industry 4.0, along with its new technology and automation solutions act as catalysts for evolving mining operations for further efficiency.

It is now for the miners to embrace this change to optimize their mining performance. Internet of Things (IoT) is waiting.

What is the IoT?

Today’s IoT well known as an array of things that collect, exchange, and transfer data among devices. It can range from smart sensors and intelligent devices to integrated systems and equipment controlling mining operations.

Industrial IoT (IIoT) is a subcategory of the IoT, focusing mainly on industrial applications, including among which mining is one.

How It Benefits Mining?

Before mining companies adopt IIoT, they must list out the challenges they want to solve and what areas they want to improve. This, along with the overall business goal, will help one to identify the right IIoT platform.

There are many areas to think of, suppose a primary crusher fails three times in a year, IIoT based condition monitoring solution can anticipate such failures, way before they occur.

For instance, taking diesel as the major operating expense in mining, an IIoT platform can be developed such that it gives a full picture of tank levels along with equipment consumption. This offers the company to identify potential savings opportunities, along with real-time information, and trends of weather, dust, noise, among others.

Thus, IIoT can offer both an information-based reporting system and an environmental monitoring system based on smart sensors, all integrated into a single software application.

Fit-for-purpose applications, along with powerful visualization and analytics tools, can be developed by the user or a third-party company, just as augmented-reality applications aggregate information from several sources or from machine learning applications.

IoT Partner

Before the implementation, choosing an IIoT partner is a prior need. Selecting the best fit, specifically for mining operations, is quite a challenge because, even though some identify themselves as IoT providers, they may not have IIoT capabilities, and some brainstorming might be needed.

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