What are Drones used for in the Mining Industry?

Many mining companies use drones for the success of the trials that lead to the widespread adoption of the technology.

FREMONT, CA: Drones have grown into becoming a more and more relevant tool throughout a variety of industries. Drones simplify and streamline many of the large scale operations and processes. Besides, drones are also being leveraged for processes that could otherwise need manned aircraft, generating millions of dollars every year. Several methods have been devised in the past few years, which are partially driven by the evolution of drone technology.

Exploring Minerals:

A drone has access to every site that has the potential of mineral contents, even before a mining site has been established. It is a complicated discipline that needs advanced knowledge of mineralogy and geology. Nevertheless, the information collected by a drone can easily gather data and quickly prove to be a valuable component of the process. Drones mounted with cameras, or LiDAR sensors can be utilized to build highly detailed orthomosaic maps and elevation models, digitally. Such digital maps with detailed information can be beneficial for exploring areas where access by a man is difficult.

Planning and Monitoring:

An accurate topographic map helps in planning the infrastructure requirements for the project along with the related expenses as soon as the company shifts to a new mining site. Roads are especially are essential for mining locations, which can be used to haul equipment for drilling, excavation, and blasting. With the help of a detailed map, project engineers will be able to precisely determine the measurements of the roads, as well as their slopes and turning angles. Besides, companies have also started using drones as monitoring tools within their operations that eliminate any physical visits.

Supply Evaluation:

Drones do not encounter any problems such as physically measuring stockpiles amidst moving machines, whenever they have to measure the stored supply. Drones virtually eliminate the risks of personal injuries and help in capturing photos of stockpiles from different angles to create 3D models.

Blasting and Drilling:

Drones create the 3D models, which can be cut and filled to evaluate the volume of material that needs to be blasted. Mining companies can stay away from unnecessary expenses by bringing precision in blasting and drilling operations. With the help of simplified logistics preparations, companies can predict the quantity of the truckloads of materials that need to be hauled out of the area.

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