What are Different Types of Heavy Machinery Used for Mining

Rarely are mines close to major roads. Even in areas close to busy roads, routes must be created to transport materials and haul away mined goods.

Fremont, CA: Mining is one of the most important components of contemporary civilization since mined minerals are helpful in practically every consumer product. Furthermore, 50% of the country's energy gets derived from coal or nuclear power, both of which require uranium. Here is a list of mining equipment used for surface or underground mining activities, as well as their purposes, to help you understand your options for machinery:

Large Mining Trucks

Heavy-duty vehicles are required to transport goods around a mining site. Large mining trucks, often known as off-highway trucks, come in mechanical solid and ecologically efficient electric drive versions.

These mining vehicles, unlike typical trucks, feature extra-large tires to handle huge loads across rough terrain frequently seen near surface mines.

Furthermore, these trucks have an enormous payload capacity to satisfy the need to move heavy mined materials or ore away from the site. Large mining trucks must also function in harsh conditions such as cold, heat, thick dust, high elevations, and steep slopes while transporting cargo.

Hydraulic Mining Shovels

The original steam shovel design used in the past gave rise to mining shovels, sometimes referred to as excavators. In more recent models, the shovel is typically moved by hydraulics to push through rigid materials.

The designs of hydraulic mining shovels are generally similar. The rotating cab gets usually mounted on a platform with tracks or wheels. The pivoting mechanism enables the user to access material in a circle and around the shovel without going too far. The shovel is held by an articulated arm, which the operator controls from inside the cab.

Electric Rope Shovels

Electric rope shovels employ a network of pulleys and ropes to control the movement of the shovel at the end of the arm rather than hydraulics. Unlike hydraulic shovels, these types operate on electricity, resulting in more efficient performance over time.

Motor Graders

Mines are rarely easily accessible by road. Even those near major highways require routes to be developed within the region to move material and convey mined items out. Motor graders get utilized for surface tasks such as creating and maintaining roads around mines.

Debris or ponding water can impede trucks from moving minerals, ore, or mined commodities along roadways. Motor graders ensure that roads have proper grading and drainage. Motor graders play a critical part in guaranteeing the efficiency of mine operations by maintaining the integrity of roadways used to convey material around and out of the mining area.