Top 4 Methods that Can Bring a Safe Mining Environment

Machines have grown more progressive and capable of performing with minimal manual intervention.

FREMONT, CA : The early parts of the 20th century witnessed various highs and lows of the mining industry with more than 1,000 fatalities in a year. Therefore, technology and improved regulation have led to developments in mine safety and has helped to make mining a less dangerous occupation.

There a few ways in which the mine operators can make their facilities much safer and efficient:

Wireless Communications:

It is high time for the companies now to invest in the hard-wired pagers for a mobile communications system. A handheld radio can do wonders by helping every worker who has to communicate with fellow workers underground and also enable the miners along with the equipment to be located quickly. Efficient communications and tracking technology is crucial when it comes to an accident underground.


If companies exclude human errors from the picture, they can perform effortlessly and flawlessly in a lot safer working environment. Automation is growing into a more prominent technology that allows performing tasks remotely, wireless remote controls, etc. without getting close to any heavy machinery that might harm the worker. In that way, workers will not have to have to work under the unsupported top and check equipment remotely.

Making Use of Data:

Collecting and monitoring data with the help of leaky-feeder devices can be used by the mine managers with vital safety information. These operations must have proper ventilation in order to keep the air flowing all through the mines underground, as well as to measure the amount of airflow in specific areas of the system.


Drones can be used to create steeper pit slope angles, reducing the narrow piece of ratio, and the amount of waste rock pulled before the extraction of ore. Drones scan the mines from various perspectives that can be risky and unreachable to humans and also instantly communicate with any data they select. It helps in creating a more rapid and in-depth analysis of the mine slopes, independent of any highly skilled geologists or engineers getting into the hazardous location. 

Nevertheless, in the future, the industry will witness these autonomous, and highly-profitable machines perform on-site, operational tasks of mining, while human workers will be busy monitoring them remotely.

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