Top 3 Ways Robotics Can Enhance Metal Casting

Top 3 Ways Robotics Can Enhance Metal Casting

Technology is moving at a pace with a blink of an eye. Robots have always been keen on helping humankind in various sectors. Let's look at what robotics has to do with metal casting processes.

FREMONT, CA: Automation is becoming increasingly important in many different industries around the world. The increase is explained by the potential of robots and continuous optimization processes in the manufacturing industry. Robots in the foundries also save floor space since they work in confined areas. Furthermore, robot-based automation enhances efficiency and productivity and guarantees maximum precision. The last aspect is essential when safety-relevant products like cars are manufactured.

Below given are some platforms were robots are successfully used in a wide range of casting Processes

Sand casting

High precision is needed for deburring, assembling, finishing, and also gluing. Robots make sure a high level of reproducibility and offer an economical use of materials such as adhesives. Despite optimized cycle times, quality standards are observed accurately, resulting in homogeneous metal structures with reduced shrinkage.

Investment casting

Utilizing robots in ceramic dipping of pouring clusters can be automated easily. It significantly enhances productivity in the manufacture of metal products. Robots are also used for post-processing tasks such as polishing or grinding of cast parts.

Die casting

With the help of flexible grippers, robots can be used for casting, spraying, and loading. Robots can be mounted either on top or next to the die casting machine to save space.

Robots are used for non-destructive quality control. With the help of precise functional, durability, and load tests, as well as measuring techniques can be applied, which subsequently ensure the quality of the cast parts. For instance, integrating optical scanners or specific sensors for the surface control of cast parts. An advantage is in the automatic capturing and archiving of the data. The early detection of errors and deviations can save costs and can increase the profitability of foundries.

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