Top 3 Trends That Can Define Mining Industry in 2020

Even though the mining industry is still not known to many people, it is fascinating from technological innovation point how technology is shaping the mining industry in the coming years.

FREMONT, CA: The mining industry is pushing innovation through programs like green mining, making extraction and mineral procedures more efficient and introducing clean energies. Other applications like safe mining are initiatives that aim, among others, to keep the workers away from hazardous perforation or blasting areas. The efforts are also introducing remote control for equipment and automatic transport systems and more. Below given are some of some interesting cases of mining challenges that are solved through the open innovation.

Block or Panel Caving

The construction and backup of tunnels in underground mining is a process that uses advanced tools that are available in the market today. Although in mine-preparation projects by Block or Panel Caving with tunnels smaller than 4m x 4m, standard machinery is not recommended to use since it does not have enough space to operate and maintain the same productivity level. Description and technical specifications of the reinforcement process are jointly prepared for the challenge that is named as boring and protecting the tunnel with a coat of shotcrete, unrolling a metallic web and placing it on the beginning of the shotcrete and securing the metallic web coat with helical steel bolts.

Internet of Things for Dust Monitoring

The minimization of dust is a key confront in some industrial ecosystem. The presence of dust will affect not only the efficiency of the product but also the workers' health. Mainly, for this reason, the Health & Safety departments of industrial companies conduct studies to measure and minimize the amount of dust in both open and closed areas in their facilities. The existing technologies like the devices for monitoring the pollution in cities do not work correctly in dusty environments. This is mainly because of 3 main reasons like they may not restrict the ecosystem. The set-up is not very flexible and probably need daily maintenance.

 Waste Materials from Mine Tailings

One of the main problem faced by the mining industry is the waste that comes, for example, the waste acquired from the chemical processing of the mineral. Solid waste is stored in large tailings that create a huge impact on the ecosystem and potential hazards for the communities near.

The competition aimed to find applications for waste materials, a very complex goal because of the low concentration of valuable metals. As a result, the repurposing of these metals is almost impossible from an economic point of view.

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