Top 3 Risks to Watch Out in the Mining Industry 2020

The mining industry has always been at risk, where worker safety concerns represent only a part of those challenges. As a part of a volatile industry, mining businesses can lower their risks by leveraging modern risk management software and tools, combined with the risk management consultants.

FREMONT, CA: The mining industry is considered to be one of the riskiest businesses. Health risks vary when it comes to a mining field, which often ends up being quite severe. In such cases, the miners need to protect themselves accordingly. Nevertheless, with the introduction of stricter safety legislation and protocol along with technological advancement in safety tools and equipment, the mining industry can reduce the fatality rate over time. However, the goal of achieving a zero fatality rate has not been successful yet, but the mining industry continues to strive forward, considering innovation as a standard. Given below are a few common health risks employees need to watch out for in the mining industry.


Mines are noisy places, with frequent drilling and heavy machinery moving around, which is associated with severe risks. Mining firms should evaluate the working conditions and noise exposure through risk assessments to protect the workers against such noises. By deploying engineering controls at the noise source or along the noise path, such as vibration dampeners and absorptive panels, companies can eliminate or minimize the exposure of noise.

UV Exposure:

For open-pit mines, understanding the risk of over-exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight is a must. Workers should conduct a risk assessment on outdoor work that is scheduled to assist the development of an appropriate sun protection measure. The most effective way of minimizing UV exposure is by using a combination of protection methods that include re-organizing work to avoid harmful UV rays during peak of the day, natural or artificial shade, appropriate protective clothing, and sunscreen. It is essential to train the employees to understand the risks that are associated with the exposure of UV radiation. 

Musculoskeletal Disorders:

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are related to the problems that affect the bones, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. Preventing MSDs should be a significant part of the health and safety program in every workplace. In safe and healthy workplaces, management should identify and assess job-related MSD hazards and put in place necessary controls to minimize workers' vulnerability to them.

Moreover, workers should be informed about MSD hazards at their workplaces, as well as encouraged to participate in health and safety programs.

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