The Importance of Mining Safety: How Innovations in Underground Lifting Vehicle Helps

Safer mines are created with a combination of safety regulations and technological equipment that mitigates both hazards and risks.

FREMONT, CA: The mining industry experiences unique challenges in the field of workplace safety. Safety is achieved through the identification and mitigation of hazards that include environmental and technology-based factors. Today, miners depend on a combination of safety practices and equipment to improve caution, provide warning, and ensure protection from harm. This is the case with operating underground lifting vehicles too. As lifting vehicles are required in tunnels for man lifting and carrying out installations, safe practices and efficient operations are essential than anything.  Read on to know more.

The electrification of lifting vehicles used in mines has led to several outcomes, including reduced carbon emissions, cleaner air in underground tunnels, and the opportunity for digital approaches to mining has gained momentum. Boom lifts and scissor lifts are two variations of underground lifting vehicles. Consisting of a platform attached to a boom arm and grounded vehicle, boom lifts are used to raise workers up on the platform to carry out work in elevated areas. Scissor lifts raise a platform directly up and down using crossed supports. The type of lifting equipment will depend on the application, the weight and height capacity needed, and the size of the tunnel.

Another improvement in lifting engines is that electric vehicles are able to travel faster underground thanks to better torque and handling. Electric vehicles emit less heat, with minimal risk of the engine overheating and causing hot surfaces on equipment. It has been specially developed for use in the adverse conditions encountered in mines. They produce fewer levels of noise, improve safety further by allowing workers to better communicate, and have fewer distractions.

The right lifting equipment is essential to maintaining worker safety in the mining industry. Safety equipment has increased in efficacy and transportability, allowing miners to carry with them the protective gear needed. Advancements in lifting vehicles have improved worker and supervisor awareness to track movements and give updates to prevent accidents through miscommunication or misinformation. 

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