Smart Mines and Mining Safety Enhanced by Limitless Connectivity

5G-powered technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) goggles, automation, and the Internet of Things could keep miners safe as the mining sector embraces digitalization.

Fremont, CA: With heavy machinery continually rolling and terrible subterranean conditions, mining is a sector where safety must always be a priority. A fraction of a second in responsiveness might differ between life and death.

Mine operators will have a sharper perspective of the complete scope of operations thanks to digitalization, which will allow them to monitor important aspects like air quality and tunnel strength. A well-optimized mine, particularly one with the latest 5G-enabled private networks, can provide miners with those precious seconds that can save lives. In addition, the precise position and performance of trucks, equipment, and employees may be tracked and analyzed to improve mine operations.

· Safety use cases get fueled by private networks and low latency

Private wireless, especially 5G networks, is a critical solution component. As additional mid-band spectrum becomes accessible for these networks, 5G's improved throughput and reduced latency will be vital in enabling some of the fascinating smart mining use cases. For example, augmented reality glasses allow inspectors to see the strength of a tunnel ceiling in real-time or the equipment's maintenance requirements.

· Workers will be safer thanks to IoT and automation

The capacity to link hundreds, if not thousands, of devices, is another important advantage of smart mining. Because of the ability to construct complex, real-time sensor networks that allow operators access to a new universe of data and information, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a crucial component in the digitization of mining.

· Intelligent mines are an investment in future safety

A smart mine powered by a cellular communication platform isn't the only solution to current safety concerns. It's also a method to build a foundation for future technological innovation and future-proof operations, especially 5G. It's how mining corporations will get to a point where automation means no human workers are put in danger while doing risky activities like tunnel blasting from a surface control center.