Role of Emerging Technology in Mining

Updating mining operations reduce carbon footprint and improve worker safety and resource generation.

FREMONT, CA: Miners collaborate with digital industries and customize solutions to their equipment needs. Automated solutions increase the scope of services and profitability by offering quality assurance and speed of operation, lowered costs, and reduced environmental footprint.

Miners can expand their output from minimal profit increases to compound output with digital adoption. Average site costs, fuel consumption, and boosting throughput accelerate earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) by fulfilling key performance indicators (KPI).

Mining exploration teams can work in safer work sites and develop profit-maximizing solutions to equipment and process difficulties. The following solutions improve mining operations:

Blockchain: Blockchain applications trace mineral origins and carbon emissions. Mineral companies and dealers are looking to blockchain applications to improve accountability by tracking natural stones like diamonds to their origins from retail units. Companies can provide customers with more accurate sourcing information to prove that their products are ethically sourced. Major companies are entering partnerships to improve their operations, logistics, and financing to reduce costs in the mineral supply chain from mine to the consumer.

Predictive asset maintenance: Predictive maintenance enhances condition-based management (CBM)by applying model-based anomaly detection. It helps incorporate online sensing data collation and analytics to predict machine reliability. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors measures equipment's real-time operational status. Mining companies combine sensors and machine learning to predict when components will fail. Predictive maintenance applies these solutions to notify miners of potential risks in equipment and the need for maintenance. It can predict equipment failure and reduce unusable pieces of equipment. Miners can customize digital tools as solutions for specific requirements.

Autonomous trucks: Autonomous trucks are attracting investments in the mining industry for their improved performance and low fuel needs. It reduces fuel usage by 10-15 percent and sustains worker well-being by making sites less hazardous. It reduces its carbon footprint, improving environmental performance by 13 percent. Studies show that autonomous truck operations will increase from 769 to 1068 in 2022.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Mining strategies like IIoT diversifies mineral exploration and results. Mining companies can boost chemical recovery from extractions up to 15 percent more by combining IIoT, a centralized data source, and advanced machine learning (ML).

Management of mining projects requires consistent departmental coordination to log operational details. IIoT sensors gather real-time data on location, equipment health, and equipment battery life through tracking software that can be accessed by authorized users anywhere.