Nexa3D Teams Up with CREAT3D to Support British AM Industry

Customers of CREAT3D will be able to boost their competitiveness by purchasing Nexa3D’s market-leading technology as a result of the agreement.

FREMONT, CA: Nexa3D, a groundbreaking additive manufacturing company, has teamed with CREAT3D, an end-to-end additive manufacturing (AM) solutions provider, to assist British manufacturers in reducing lead times, cutting costs, and reaching their full production potential. Customers of CREAT3D will be able to boost their competitiveness by purchasing Nexa3D’s market-leading technology as a result of the agreement. PAKT3D, a new generation print and engineering bureau has already realized the high-speed benefits of an NXE400 system.

“As demand for flexible manufacturing of high-quality components increases, both on-site and on demand, businesses are under pressure to deliver,” explained Simon Chandler, director at CREAT3D. “Our partnership with Nexa3D gives our customers the equipment they need to meet this demand. The NXE400 decreases printing cycles from hours to just minutes—giving customers a competitive edge.”

“Remaining competitive in the Industry 4.0 era means investing in technology that will bring high quality products to market quickly,” explained AviReichental, chairman and co-founder at Nexa3D. “CREAT3D is passionate about using its expert knowledge to find the best AM solution for each customer. As partners, we can combine this passion with our leading technology to provide the best solution for British manufacturers.”

CREAT3D collaborates with its clients to streamline and improve manufacturing, design, and engineering AM processes. It provides unbiased counsel based on the needs of its customers, as well as substantial sector knowledge. CREAT3D offers custom training packages, installation services, and maintenance plans to guarantee that systems work smoothly for the duration of their lives. Its ideals align with Nexa3D’s understanding of how AM technology can benefit manufacturing by providing high productivity and high-quality solutions.

“The quality of parts that we can produce in a matter of minutes is incredible,” commented Peter Kent, Director of PAKT3D. “By using the Nexa3D technology, you don’t have to trade-off between quality, speed or margin. Now it’s possible to benefit from rapid manufacturing, at low cost”.

As a partner, CREAT3D now supplies Nexa3D’s revolutionary patented lubricant sublayer photo-curing (LSPc) 3D printer, the NXE400. The system has an unprecedented 16-liter build volume and can reach top speeds of 1 cm per minute, providing its customers with the space to manufacture large components and the speed to meet demand.

Nexa3D technology has already benefited one of CREAT3D’s clients, rapid AM supplier PAKT3D. Because it typically works with customers who need urgent design feedback or products to come to market, the company excels in rapid manufacturing. Customers can order large quantities of parts from PAKT3D and prototypes and have the capacity to produce composite and injection mold tools.

One of PAKT3D’s most notable projects was the creation of a bottom downtube guard bracket for ARBR Bikes, a UK producer of handcrafted performance bicycles. The firm had previously produced the part using an Ultem mold tool, which was expensive and time-consuming, so they changed the design for an NXE400. ARBR Bikes reduced part production time from two days to six hours by using the equipment. PAKT3D now offers this customer 3D printed chain guides and rear swingarm chainstay guards and hopes to continue using the NXE400 to generate quick and high-quality goods.

Nexa3D develops dependable, cost-effective products that help to overcome the limits of traditional, time-consuming manufacturing methods. The NXE400 increases productivity by 20 times, allowing users to produce more quickly and have a distinct competitive advantage.