Is the Future of Mining Industry Digitally Safe?

Digital transformation and new technologies offer mining industries with golden opportunities to become efficient boost production and cut costs while making the work ecosystem safer.

FREMONT, CA:  Mining industry represents nearly 12 percent of the world GDP, measured by the revenues and products sold. Mining is facing several significant challenges. Growing global populations and economies mean increased demand for minerals, which will only continue to grow. Yet, mineral extraction and processing are becoming more difficult, and the reduction of the earth's resources and the impact on the delicate ecosystem is a growing social concern.

Digitalization is the catalyst that helps in mining operations to become a smarter platform by leveraging the digital tools and processes, which make operations instrumented, intelligent and interconnected. For instance, correcting issues with mineral processing is always more reactive than proactive. With dynamic data early on through interconnected digital systems and software, fast course corrections can be made before problems arise. Advanced digital process and control systems enable continuous monitoring and virtual simulations, among the other cutting-edge capabilities.

Drone technology is used throughout the mining industry to help improve safety by going to areas that may be dangerous to humans, with many other applications. Drone analysis of mine slopes bypasses the dangerous prospect of sending a geologist or geotechnical engineer into hazardous situations. Other drone uses for mines comprise inspecting different areas of the mine that are unsafe for humans, clearing the blast areas, leveraging 3D imaging and scanning, and streaming a live video, and real-time data feeds.

There's no doubt that the mining industry faces some significant challenges. The increasing demand for minerals and metals linked with the pressure to raise output cost-effectively puts many mining operations in a tough spot.

Even though the push for sustainability and environmentalism may have headwinds, drilling operations are enhancing the green and are also benefiting from the push for materials to build electric cars and renewable fuel sources of energy.

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