Investing in Reliable and Efficient Mining Equipment

Mining becomes easier, safer, and more productive when the equipment is trustworthy.

Fremont, CA: Among the most challenging work areas in the country is mining. Mining enterprises are constantly concerned with cost control and profit margins. Mining becomes easier, safer, and more productive when the equipment is trustworthy. The correct equipment can also increase mine site production while lowering cost per ton.

Reliable equipment provides businesses and organizations with the comfort that their machines will function as expected whenever users need them and will not create hazardous work conditions. Therefore, it is an essential component of your mining operations since it:

• Keeps you safe

The occupational mining fatality rate in 2019 was 10.5 percent, much lower than in previous decades. This is partly owing to advancements and features of current mining equipment, which gets developed with the safety of the personnel in mind.

• Improves your marketability

Reliable equipment allows you to embark on mining projects while operating at the lowest cost per ton, providing a competitive advantage.

• Increases employee morale

One of the greatest methods to increase employee morale is to give them the tools and equipment they need to do their work quickly and safely.

• Increases site productivity

Reliable equipment means less costly downtime and higher production across the mining site, with less equipment repair and part replacement required.

The Relevance of Modern Mining Equipment

When company mining equipment is efficient, it implies that every piece of the fleet is functioning correctly. Therefore, maintaining and updating mining equipment is crucial for the personnel's safety and for keeping project expenses low. It also saves you time, irritation, and the hazards of malfunctioning equipment.

• Safety: 

Mining machinery was the second largest cause of mining deaths in 2019. However, efficient mining equipment can reduce stalls, worn brakes, fires, rollovers, electrocution, and other mining site risks.

• Efficiency: 

The more efficiently the machine functions, the better prepared it is to do its function. Brakes, wheels, tracks, and other well-maintained components can assist the crew does the task more quickly and without interruption.

• Savings: 

Keeping equipment rather than replacing complete units or expensive components is less cost-effective. Efficient equipment may also help you minimize your cost per ton and reach the daily ore objectives with little material waste and costly delays — which is excellent for the business bottom line.

Maintain detailed logs of cycle time, maintenance, accidents, injuries, part replacements, and fuel expenditures to assess the efficiency of the equipment. Then, keep track of trends, patterns, and changes over time.